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good but not a strong bioware title

posted by ronjon707 (ORANGE, CA) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

Straight to point:

Gameplay at times was too fast paced for micro.

Story was good but not as much in depth like DA:O.

Most of the game had repetitive caves and repeated areas.

Bioware gives the enemy too much health (even on normal) took me 30 mins to kill the high dragon. The dragon was easy but took forever to kill.

Worst part for me was you have to go to a character's hangout just to have a conversation with them.

Other than that this game did have its fun parts like seeing familiar characters and all of the occasional great things you can do in bioware games. DA2 gets a solid 7 from me

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posted by DanteGrave (WEST CHAZY, NY) Mar 26, 2011

Member since Mar 2009

This game was just OK, graphics and cut scenes were nice as usual however the actual story and game-play was lacking options and direction. Very structured and directed with little ability to do what you want. Fighting style was decent but also lacked in the special ability department. Seemed using the special abilities was the only way to do real damage. Missed the camp site where one could speak to each party member, this was replaced with a more general "hide and seek" way of finding your party members. Was worth playing if you played the first release, and I hope you remembered to keep your first release saved game. =)

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What if DA:O and MA2 had a baby?

posted by pyrofire43 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Mar 25, 2011

Member since Jan 2008

With long play time, high replay value, and very high fun, Dragon Age 2 is a game that's worth buying.

-main character is voice acted by a man and woman, giving you a movie feel to the quests.
-The speed of the action has been sped up from the original, giving you a feel of visceral action.
-Spells and melee animations are flashier.
-quest's stories are engaging and interesting.
-the talents are improved and allow you to focus on certain powers to increase their effectiveness.
-cross class combos allow even melee classes to get in on the action of extra damage.
-classes have been evened out, to give melee classes more of a thrill.
-better visuals than the first.
-action is very satisfying as you turn mobs into explosions of blood.
-elites and bosses are original, and fun.

Pro/Cons: Can be good or bad
-Bosses and elite bosses are much harder than anything else you run into in the game. On hard, you will need to customize your group's equipment to take these monsters down.
-The voice acting between good, funny, and bold give completely different personalities. If you want you responses to vary depending on the situation, you may be turned off by your badass making a joke, but if you want to respond consistently, you will have increase replay value by enjoying the differences.
-Inventory has been streamlined, but prevents you from choosing armor for companions. This means less time in menus.

-the world is much much smaller than the first game and you will be limited to questing in a city and its outer lands.
-the main character's family and personal story is bland. Nothing like the DA:O's origin tales.
-A companion's role in a group is very limited. Although there is 5 DPS companions, there is only 1 tank and 1 healer. This forces you to play with certain companions unless you fill the roll yourself.
-The game lacks an overall story. The game is segmented into three parts with their own endings. There is nothing that ties these three parts together

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