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Above Average

So not as good as the first one

posted by kreets (CARL JUNCTION, MO) Apr 16, 2011

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Everything that was great about Dragon age was stripped away and turned into a 80's style chose your own adventure book. Relentless mini quests keep you loading more than playing. The character choices have been butchered, the loot is horrible, and the story is so so bad.

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Above Average

Decent, but barely that.

posted by twhiting9275 (WATERLOO, IA) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I loved the first Dragon Age, so when the second was announced, I was all content, happy, and couldn't wait. Then, the demo came out. Talk about some huge problems, but, I was still willing to continue with the pre-order itself and purchase the game.

That's about all the excitement this game got from me. From problems with preorders (getting it on time, etc) to absolute horrific gameplay to recycled maps, it just doesn't get much worse than this game.

Having played this through twice now, I can honestly say, this game leaves a LOT to be desired there. I'll have to play it through a 3rd time at some point in the future just to get the achievements that EA/Bioware was too lazy to test and make sure they unlocked properly, but that's for some point in the future.

If the game feels like it's recycling things, that's because it is. The same map gets used over and over again for almost every dungeon. It's quite pathetic, honestly.

Forget it, just forget running a rogue and stick with the defaults they have. They have screwed over this class so much it's not even funny. From forcing users to 'buy' potions/etc (rather than the rogue making them) to forcing users to spend every stat point into cunning just to get certain chests open (literally), this class is pretty much a joke now.

It's allright, honestly. I've seen it compared to Fable 3, and that's not too far off base. There's not a TON of replay value in the game itself, but it's passable.

At the heart of every RPG is a story, and this one at least tries to entertain. Too bad the rest of the game couldn't keep up with that. From poor voiceovers to recycled maps, well, this game is just barely above average or decent.

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GF Rating


Best RPG I've played in years

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 8, 2011

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Like the title says, Dragon Age II is probably the best RPG I've played in years. It's a healthy mix of old-school gameplay and modern sensibilities, and it makes the first Dragon Age look like last gen.

Probably the first and most important thing to note is that Dragon Age II plays a bit differently than the first game; it is much more action oriented. This may make some of the hardcore fans (i.e. nerds) cry foul because the deep RPGness of the combat has been streamlined, or as they may consider it, "dumbed down." It is not quite as tactical or technical, but there is no more auto attacking -- you actually slam the A button to attack dudes while your specials are cooling down, which are mapped to the X, Y, and B buttons, with RT acting as a toggle for a second set of X, Y, B skills. It makes combat flow a lot smoother, but some people may not like it.

The story is the next thing that needs addressed. The first Dragon Age seemed to have a rich world that you get plopped in, but it didn't really do a lot with it. You could tell that there was a lot of lore, but BioWare didn't embrace it. This game, however, really immerses you in the story and tells an awesome tale. This fact alone is what makes Dragon Age II such an awesome RPG; the great graphics and fun combat are just icing on the cake.

You start the game as Hawke, male or female, and can choose your character class from a rogue, warrior, or mage. The game is then told through flashbacks, but everything is still pretty much in chronological order; you don't play parts in the future and then jump further to the past again. A lot of characters from the first game also return for this one, and there is a vast improvement in their looks thanks to the updated graphics. For example, Flemeth looked like an old hag in the first game, but now I kinda want to do her. Anyways...

If you like RPGs, you should definitely play Dragon Age II. But if you don't like RPGs, well, why are you even reading this? Play it!

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