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Disappointing Standalone, Awful Sequel.

posted by A_Silent_Dream (RIDGELAND, MS) Mar 29, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I recognize that DA:O casts a large shadow over any successor to come along in the franchise, and making a game that can shatter the mold as DA:O did can only be done with considerable planning and difficulty.

Let me tell you how not to do it.

1. Lethargically designed, repetitive maps. One thing I noticed only about an hour into the game was how similar a cave looked to another, except that where a walkway used to be, there was what looked like a concrete slab covering the door. Every cave is either a mirror reflection of itself or has some of the multiple corridors sealed off to create the illusion that each cave/dungeon is different. Furthermore, the map goes away and you are left to re-explore every area of a map that you have just visited within the past hour, despite knowing every layout of the map. This was absolutely the biggest nerve-grating, teeth-clinching thing I hated most about this game.

2. Inventory system. I did not enjoy the restriction of armor to the main character (other characters' armor levels with them). By far, though, the most annoying feature was that once I found a new armor, weapon, or belt, I had to cycle through and find it to review its stats. The option to immediately review (upon discovery) stats would help.

3. Restricted exploration outside of Kirkwall. Besides that fact that you couldn't walk five minutes in the game without having to encounter another load menu, the majority of the game is limited to walking around the city and performing mind-numbingly boring tasks in the same major areas.

4. Sidequests, Sidequests, Sidequests. Detached and rarely pivotal in shifting or enriching the storyline. Beef them up or at least make them topical.

5. Combat System. An overall improvement, but buggy (missed assignments in combat) and the potion cooldown was not a welcome adjustment.

6. Plot. Unengaging, Disconjointed. There are three acts, and they are for the most part unrelated, and as such I could not invest in the whole.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Pretty Disappointing

posted by TanzKommandant (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

38 out of 52 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

The first thing which really irks me about this game is how hastily it was slapped together. It's something of a rarity that so much clipping & cutting is seen in what is supposed to be a major title, especially in this era. All this talk about how awesome the graphics are (which are fine, nothing out of the ordinary) but none seem bothered by the character walking through people & sliding past walls. Totally unacceptable & shows a lack of concern for putting out a finished product.

Beyond that, the experience lacks immersion. This is primarily due to the repetitive nature of the quests (go fetch) and the repetitive nature of the environments. Maps are re-used constantly and the majority of the game is spent in one town. Very odd decisions.

The characters lack depth as well. There just doesn't seem to be a real draw to get to know your party and care about them as in Origins. Even townsfolk come in two shapes - cardboard interactions or no interactions possible at all. This is fairly similar to the lack of effort put into the maps.

To top all this off, the day the title was released, BioWare released a whole mass of downloadable content. Is this because the game was rushed to the production line and these items should be in the game but a lack of time kept them out or was this planned all along as part of the continued money grabbing trend we see purveying the gaming world. Perhaps both?

All in all, it's a shame we see titles which should be great churned out to make a quick profit and giving no care to the gamers. Anymore, for every 10 games that come out maybe one is good and that speaks to a larger tragedy at hand.

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GF Rating

Very Good

the story...

posted by Jcavatar (FRUITPORT, MI) Mar 13, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

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DAO had its faults, its story took a while for it to get going , the same can be said with this game tho not as much, the game takes about 30 hours to complete, at about 20 hours in the story finnaly status to form and its at this point if you were reading a book you'd say " I can't put it down ". Bioware delivered on this part . Gameplay wise Da2 takes a step backwards or three, a missing option to have auto attack makes you exercise the a button way too much and during intense battles, if you are old like me you will need to pause to rest the thumb.

Equipping armor on your team has been taken away, and I noticed on some of them their armor changes as the game progresses, BUT the game makes no mention of this, you start buying stuff for your team and then notice they can't use it, kind of annoying.

Worst aspect is the laziness of the levels, after what can be considered the second act after deep roads. I hoped it would be like the first game and have different areas to explore, not in this game, you get the outlying area, the city and a night version of the city and a lot of the side quest are ran through the same maps way too many times, I love the new updated graphics but with the small selection of areas, your left wanting to see something new after a while. Think mass effect but you only get to play 30 hours on the citadel.....

Overall I want to give this game a ten for the story alone, the game peaked at the right moments and most of the side quests were compelling and had an impact on the overall story, I'd call them sub plots or lead in plots. If they had improved the gameplay instead of streamlining it, this game would have been a solid ten.

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