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GF Rating


Great puzzle variety.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Feb 3, 2012

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This game is a combination of adventure(quest based), puzzle solving(including short fill it ins), and strategy battles. Some of the elements are confusing at first but if you pay attention to the tutorials and practice a little, they grow on you. After the 1rst chapter you accept quests where you have to solve clues that tell you where to find a labarynth. Then find and defeat(without draining completely) animated treasures by using other treasures in your inventory. Once you've defeated all of the treasures in a dungeon you're sent back to the opera house(quest headquarters) where you collect reputation points for the puzzles solved in the dungeon. Points are determined by how few or many hints used. You can use the points/any gems you've collected to buy resurrection stones to revive your animated treasures if they are drained in battle. This game has interesting story sequences and good voice acting which makes you want to keep playing.

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GF Rating


Unfulfilled potential

posted by Calibus (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Jan 20, 2012

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Unlike the Professor Layton series, Dr. Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights has you spend the majority of your time running around the city and listening to/reading dialogue.

At the 1-1/2 hour mark, I had only completed 3 puzzles. Not because they were too difficult, in fact that were pathetically easy. No, I only completed three puzzles because 1-1/2 hours into the game, assuming you take the first available quest, that is all the puzzles available.

The idea is to find Treasure Animatus or living artifacts. Unfortunately, this usually involves 10 minutes of wandering around the city "finding" clues. I put finding in quotations because the game does everything for you. You walk to your mark, talk to someone, and the game tells you where to go next. Eventually you will find an entrance to whichever dungeon you were looking for, all without actually solving a puzzle.

Once inside the dungeon, things just degenerate. You spend about 75% of your time avoiding the police that walk designated paths, about 10% actually solving door puzzles which are unimaginative, and the last 15% fighting the Treasure Animatus in order to subdue it.

The menu system is clunky and cluttered. The directors clearly think that the dialogue is fresh and funny when in reality it makes you want to strangle every character.

In conclusion, this game is only fit for the extreme masochist.

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GF Rating


Ghost battle

posted by kdoggiewv (MORGANTOWN, WV) Dec 15, 2011

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This is cool! It have ghost battle and some puzzle. I like it!!!!

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