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GF Rating


Truly great game

posted by Ineptbinary (WARMINSTER, PA) Oct 20, 2012

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It has been quite some time since i've played a great stealth game. Granted, you don't have to, but i don't see the point. At first the game came across as really weird. I expected a game that was mission based to be very straightforward: go here, do this. However, there is so much you can do outside of just playing straight through.

I'm on my third playthrough, and every one is entirely unique. There's no retracing your steps, because i want to see all the other routes i could possibly take.

The only thing i wish was different at this point, is that all the safe combinations stay the same. I understand from a game design perspective, the ways they hide the combinations, but if you remember the combinations from a previous playthrough, it's pointless to go searching.

Aside from all that, the game is the perfect length, and has multiple endings. I'm very happy with bethesda for marketing a brand new title, because it is fantastic.

tl;dr great game, worth a buy, will get many hours of entertainment.

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Fantastic game but can it can be difficult...

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) Oct 12, 2012

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28 out of 35 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This has to be one of the most interesting games to hit the 360 scene in recent times. You get a sense of Half Life 2, Bioshock and Assassins Creed elements that this game uses really well. The game really shines with how much freedom it gives you to complete objectives. You decide how you're going to get things done, there is no set path. However, your actions can have dire consequences on the city later on.

You play as Carvo Attano, Lord Protector of Empress Jessamine and the man framed for her murder. In typical Bethesda style, you bust out of jail and begin your quest for revenge. You are given tools that you will need as well as powers from a God-like being known as the Outsider to help you on your path for revenge. But be warned, this game is no walk in the park. You really have to think on your toes when your playing Dishonored. This game won't punish you for your play-style but believe me when I say that discretion is probably the best option most of the time especially when you are about to perform an assassination.

Overall I really do find myself enjoying the game and I will say that at the least it's worth a rent. If you enjoy a game that makes you think instead of just tearing through the story without a care in the world then this game is for you.

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GF Rating


Fun stealth action game

posted by TheBlueFab (Camden, OH) Oct 11, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

17 out of 22 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

This game is fun to play around and explore in, the storyline is engaging, and has quite a few twists and turns that kept me guessing. The stealth mechanics are somewhat well done, and so are the special powers you get, however the game spikes in difficulty if you try to go the non-lethal route, making it nearly impossible to get through certain levels if under supplied on harder difficultys. That aside this is a stealth action game that goes back to the roots of focusing on movement and timing your attack rather than just killing everything quietly.

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