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call in sick title

posted by bigjerm1026 (NORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA) Oct 28, 2012

Member since May 2011

ok so if your wondering weather or not you should rent this title your most likely stupid. all the reviews are true and yes it is awesome. there are almost no dry moments and it seems like there is literly a dozen ways to do each mission. if your like me and you hate the lack of long lasting challenging mission and can't move on the next stage until you have perfected this one then this is the game for you. the ai in this game is no chump and the weapons and powers are flawless. if you can think outside the box with the powers in the game you will have no problem with these games. the story line will keep you telling your wife " give me 10 minutes " for hours and those of you with girlfriends will probaly be single by time you send this back. rent this game don't be dumb!

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Check This Game Out!

posted by mattattack51 (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Oct 27, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

With gameplay reminiscent of Bioshock and the morality of Metro 2033, Dishonored brings a pleasing experience to your console.

I spent roughly 12 to 13 hours playing it on hard and going the good route was definitely rewarding. While not open-world in the strict sense, the game gives you ample ways to accomplish your goals (while I have to say, not killing your enemies is quite the challenge in some cases) with your favorite collection of gadgets. Gameplay was smooth and swordplay was both exciting and visceral. The weapon selection in the game was fairly decent for an action game but I have to say that I would have liked more access and/or more tiers for the supernatural powers.

Speaking of the supernatural powers, I ended up only uses two or three of the ones that worked the best for my style of play. Trying not to kill people requires a lot of patience and a good feel for the blink and dark vision abilities. You have to get all the silent-esque upgrades and focus on all the alternate routes. It seems that the second tier of blink is critical (as well as slowing time) for this sort of avenue but I eventually lost incentive to find more runes because I had already maxed out my most useful abilities. The game does a good job of pacing these abilities but if you flat out refuse to buy bloodthirst and rat swarm then you stop about three-fourths of the way through the game (however I did buy the ash kill ability because when I had to kill someone, I didn't want their body screwing up my stealth). But I digress.

All in all, Dishonored was a great game, the only thing holding it back from a 10 were predictable story arcs (It did have some twists but still) and a few functions that seemed useless in the game. For example, the lean behind cover was just simply obsolete when you can see through walls with dark vision. Nonetheless, put this game in your GameQ. A game like this doesn't happen very often and it's nice to see it done right.

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posted by benediction222 (MURPHY, NC) Oct 27, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

This game was great, the storyline really got me into this game a lot. And the ability to chose how you want to play the game is a great feature, even if you want to be an assassin or Rambo, it fits great. defiantly a must play game!!

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