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The only game I had no problem finishing

posted by NinjaBat (EL DORADO, AR) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

If steampunk-inspired, dark, plague-ridden landscape filled with danger, magic, bizarre machines, pseudo-Victorian finery and industrial decay is a backdrop to your dream vacation, and a handsome loner framed for the crime he did not commit on a road to revenge and redemption is your personal fantasy, then this game is for you.

Despite starting like a few other games (especially Bethesda's), the game moves and evolves quickly into a unique and beautiful gem. It's tumultuous, philosophical, darkly romantic, tragic and wise and at the same time extremely dynamic, agile, tough, violent and original.

Imagine if Gothic horror, classic RPG, Thief franchise, Assassin's Creed, and Elder Scrolls lore got together around a witch's cauldron and brewed something beautiful, terrible and awe-inspiring together.

The game is smooth and immersive, I had only one bizarre NPC identity-swapping bug that did not affect the game (although probably traumatized the NPC whose fate was in Corvo's hands). You will be freely exploring areas, traversing underground tunnels, discovering multiple ways to neutralize enemies, you will scale castle walls, swim, shape shift, steal, cast spells, snipe your enemies, save or condemn lives.

You will fall in love with the thinking character who is so human, who could feel love and regret, and is often presented with a choice of whether to reach his goal with pure violence or with intelligence and stealth, which are the most important requirements in the game.

The plot is fascinating, unique and will teach you new things as you move on with the story line, teach you how to avoid or destroy danger that lies ahead, and outcome of each step will depend on your choices.

The game is magnificent. Play it. It was excruciatingly sad to part with it when it was over.

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5 for the game itself / 10 for the overall exp

posted by JungleCatPoles (WASHINGTON, DC) Nov 27, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Being the proverbial hero, bringing justice, and rescuing an innocent girl sounds like it would be very soul fulfilling. In that the game itself does not disappoint. The graphics are great, scenes and characters look realistic and the plot of the game really keeps you absorbed.

More engrossing is the element of free added to the game that allows you to make various choices about routes, side quests, allegiances, and the ways in which you can interact with other non-playable characters.

The most impactful of the decisions are the ways in which to dispense enemies. One can either choose to stealth in the shadows and quietly dispatch their victims either fatality or non fatally or go all out Rambo style in in a full out frontal assault.

Since I wanted to be ninja like I did my best attempts at stealthing to incapacitate individuals without using lethal force. I have to admit I wasn't very good at it. There would be many an instance where my lack of stealth skills would force me into lethal combat in turn impacting the game. The choices can impact positively or negatively. The can affect who becomes allies and who becomes enemies.

This game taught me a lot about myself. The total experience was a mirror. Not only did I realize that I found myself giving up attempting to use non-lethal force less and less as the game went on, I also found myself judging victims after learning secrets and hidden details about them.

I had made it all the way to the last board when the only character who actually had true respect for me loss it and said I had myself become corrupt. He even deliberately blew my cover and out of knee jerk reaction I chopped his head off. I Immediately turned off the game UNFINISHED abhorred at what I had done. Leaving this game unfinished was my last desperate attempt to save the rest of my virtual soul that I had lost.

The experience was telling. I was very disappointed in myself for I had become Dishonored.


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GF Rating


very open

posted by Justwondering (DORCHESTER CENTER, MA) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I had alot of fun with this game each misson has alot of side missons to do the graphics are very good and if your a fan of bioshock yuor gonna like this game. WARNING do not delete your saves trust me I regret doing it be careful.

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