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GF Rating


Worth a try, better than expected.

posted by RogueWRX (LONE TREE, CO) Jun 18, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First things first, I would give this game a 7.5 if possible.

For anyone who is going to be upset about a Dirt arcade style game, keep moving, because that is exactly what this is. It does not have the same feel as the main Dirt series, and it is not meant to.
I was skeptical about trying this game after seeing that it was a long call from the Dirt games I had fallen in love with, but I tried it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. Granted it doesn't have the detail and same in depth feel of the rest of the Dirt games, but something about it is just fun to play.

The Good:
Gameplay is good, only slightly different than the rest of the Dirt games, so it doesn't take long to get the hang of again. Graphics are about the same as in Dirt 3. Soundtrack is really good. Like I said, there is something about the mayhem in this game that just makes it fun to play.

The Bad:
Gymkhana feels assisted, as if the car will kind of "snap" to the tricks you are doing, which kind of ruins the feel of that aspect. Could use more destruction when it comes to how the cars look after getting hit in a demolition derby game. It also requires the VIP Pass for online play, which seems to be expected by a lot of games anymore.

Final Verdict:
Would I pay $60 for this game? No. But luckily, Codemasters only charges $40 for this arcade style game, brand new, which isn't too bad. While Dirt Showdown may not win GOTY, it does have that addictive, mindless quality of fun to it. Don't expect the same greatness in this as you saw in Dirt 3, but at least give it a try, you will be surprised in a good way.

I do have to say that as far as demolition derby games go, nothing has hit the same level as Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, but Dirt Showdown is a good try.

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GF Rating


Dirt Letdown

posted by HulkGod (CALEDONIA, MN) Jun 23, 2012

Member since Sep 2007

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I was really excited for this game. I played the demo and really liked it. I thought the game should be great fun. Boy was I wrong.

This whole game feels like a Dirt 3 rehash. Take all the arcade tracks from Dirt 3 and put them in this package add new cars and boom you have a new game then charge more money for it.

Not sure what Codemasters was thinking when they made this game. But fun wasn't part of the equation.

Even when you take a car out it just re-spawns and starts like its brand new, this also happens to your car as well. What is the point of upgrading when you start new again?

The Gymkhana is head to head and feels rushed and doesn't matter if you come in first or second as you progress to the next race anyway (pro).

Save your money don't buy it. Only rent if you like repeating tracks and same cars and upgrades.

GRiD stock car was a lot of fun. Not sure what they tried here. At least the dead cars stayed dead in that game. Test Drive Eve of Destruction another good destruction game. Dirt Showdown isn't one of them.

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GF Rating


Need Update

posted by HACnum1fan (HIWASSEE, VA) Jul 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

The game did not work. The car was very slow and would not be competitive at all. Searched online and many other people were haveing the same problem. An update would maybe fix it and the fact that you caint change control layout properly. But I still feel bad for people who have limited access to xbox live. How are they going to get the update? Thanks for a horible game codemasters. It wasnt worth getting for free.

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