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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

posted by KhaotiKoalition (WICHITA, KS) Oct 15, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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: : OVERVIEW : : : : : :
I had honestly never played any of the prior Deus Ex games before, so this was my first encounter with the series, but it ended up being a wonderful one. Adam Jensen is a great protagonist here, he's mysterious in a crowd, but a force of nature when he needs to hunt someone down. You can also "tune" him to your play style, to fit just the strategy you like (but be warned, there aren't enough points in the game to get all of the upgrades, so you must choose wisely).

: : PROS : : : : : :
- Blends the FPS and TPS perspectives very smoothly, and uses cover very well.
- I 'PARTICULARLY' love how you can upgrade weapons, they did that in an amazing way in this game.
- Great story
- Interactivity with the world is done very well
- Gives you the ability to go non-lethal or lethal force for the entire game, whichever you prefer.
- Hacking system was surprisingly fun
- Great music

: : CONS : : : : : : : :
- Inventory is small (although that's my fault since I'm a hoarder)
- Sometimes I would go in for a melee takedown in a crowd against a soldier, and the game would target the civilian next to him instead
- You can add additional batteries to your pool, but they will never automatically recharge past the first one.

: : FINAL WORD : : : : : :
AMAZING GAME, probably my favorite of the year so far. Not perfect, but definitely good enough to enjoy many times over. Definitely a 'BUY', I'd give it a 9.0

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GF Rating

Very Good

Top Tier Game!

posted by JTWK004 (CHICAGO, IL) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Sep 2009

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Dues Ex is quality, top-tier game. Not a best of 2011, but certainly a LOT of fun to play. Specifically:
- Descent upgrade system for weapons keeps you excited when you find that new damage or capacity clip upgrade.
- Good character skill tree upgrade system. Some of the attainable upgrades really make a difference in how your character plays.
- Good sized map and open game-play.
- Clear indicators where you need to go to advance a main or side mission.

Overall, a lot of fun... at some points became a little redundant, but that's a reality with any game these days.

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GF Rating


Back to the Classic

posted by d4ed4lus (OAKDALE, LA) Oct 30, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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This game brings a much needed overhaul to the way we play FPS, the cover system is the best gaming has come up with. Several ways to accomplish your mission (apart from boss battles which are easy if you stock up on ammo). You can augment your characters abilities to be a ninja, a weapon and agility expert, a sly talking computer hacking genius or just a mixture on how you play. takes about 2-3 days to beat if you have a job/school but worth multiple play thoroughs, i own it and am on my 5th one

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