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posted by jkennedy1988 (PIEDMONT, AL) Sep 8, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Great game!!! would be one that i would play again differently.

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Very Good

Pretty good, no multiplayer unfortunately

posted by jimmysullivan (NEW YORK, NY) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I would give Deus Ex a 8 out of 10 based on one complete playthrough with all side missions complete.
The game has an incredibly deep story and world for you to explore which you will because looting is necessary. You will be allowed to play this game in a variety of different ways because each situation gives you a number of tactical options. You can sneak around using your cloak, and stealth upgrades, taking down enemies with non-lethal or lethal takedowns. If you're like me and you'd rather shoot it out there is a decent arsenal of weapons which you can upgrade to your liking and a cover system that is similar to Rainbow Six Vegas. You can upgrade your character in a variety of ways to allow you to play the game the way you want. The game also lasted me a lengthy 25 hours which is impressive considering the fact I tried to blaze through pretty quickly while still completing all tasks.

The controls are a little awkward and take time to get used to for a traditional shooter fan. Clicking the right thumbstick to aim and the left thumbstick to crouch is not going be what most are used to. The game probably would've been better if the controls were most traditional. In a way the game isn't forcing you but suggesting you to use stealth for most situations only because you are going to have a tough time on the hard difficulty engaging multiple targets with these controls.

The boss battles break up what is great about the game because they offer little variety, you simply must pump a certain amount of rounds into these 4 boss enemies until they drop while trying not to take too much damage. These thankfully occasional battles are annoying because of the controls.

All in all I wouldn't buy this game because after a couple of playthroughs there's nothing left to do as there is no online component at all. That being said I definitely recommend this as a rental to all gamers and this is coming from a gamer who usually prefers straight up shooters.

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Great Game, but Why the Racial Stereotypes?

posted by rEmEtAJeRk (HORSEHEADS, NY) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Dec 2007

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a really fun game that has a wonderful build up. While it starts off as a basic stealth/shooter, the fun builds as you increase your abilities and progress through the game. The story is typical, and the cover system reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum. There is enough action in the game to keep both full-on shooters and the more stealthy, patient players happy. My biggest complaint is the stupid dialogue. Every racial/ethnic person in the game comes off as a stereotype, using street jargon and foul-mouthed one liners to drive this home. Never mind the total racial insensitivity of Letitia... I was stunned to hear her speak; a caricature of stereotypical Southern blacks if I ever heard one: Lazy, racist, cliches.
The folks at Eidos MUST think highly of human advancement where augmentations and racial puns go hand-in-hand. It's funny how this game makes all black men and women look like the dregs of the earth. It's a shame that this fine game was basically ruined by rediculous racial stereotypes that could have been re-written to maintain the integrity of the game. My rating would have been much higher if the writers could have been more interesting and took their vision of the future a bit more seriously.

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