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Amazing game, but some cons.

posted by DCB101 (LITTLETON, CO) Aug 31, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

First off, I've seen people compare this game to Splinter Cell Conviction, and Alpha Protocol.

It's nothing like the two, Alpha Protocol is a terrible wanna be RPG spy movie and Conviction is far from what Splinter Cell use to be.

Now, the gameplay is great, takes skill to get a headshot off with a sniper rifle, pistols, machine guns and such take the tired and true short round bursts to kill people. And for those who actually play through the game, you'll find there are four different ways to end the game.

Graphics are decent, not Crysis 2 graphics. But they get the job done when you take the time to look at all the small details they put into each level.

Story is a good coproate espionage. Don't know where people are getting the Medal Gear. But then again people can't make a review and put it up to another game.

An amazing game on it's own, and that's what it is. A game in it's own catagory.

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posted by TheGangsta (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 31, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

This game is a fresh take on the fps/rpg genre that actually brings something new(to some extent.) For, starters this game is long with a 20+hour single player campaign that takes u around a futuristic world that's fully interact-able. The story is really where this title's strong point is, you have the ability to impact your surroundings with every decision.From helping local businessmen, to uncovering a massive worldwide conspiracy you see your actions affecting the world in ways only seen in games like(Mass effect,dragon age,etc.) However, there are a few issues that might discourage some gamers from playing, most of note is the hacking mini-game. For a fps it is a absurd amount of hacking required to advanced in some parts of the game,this almost every time brings you out of the futuristic (bad$$$) persona into a worn out computer geek. Aside from the hacking my only other problem with Deus EX is being set in the future where humans can augment their bodies, the weapons are still pretty modern form hand guns to rocket launchers there is really no futuristic W.M.D that leave you staring at the screen speechless. All in all Deus EX gets the job done if u don't mind petty mini-games and really long load times give this title a try might like it.

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New to Deus Ex but who cares

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Aug 31, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

Being new to the series, I was misled by the action-packed trailers. Deus Ex is one of the stealthiest games I’ve ever played, typically not my style of ‘shooter,’ if you can even call it that. The game can be completed (excluding a few bosses) without actually ever killing anyone…so put it that way.

Deus Ex is a FPS the majority of the time, but it switches to 3PS when in cover...and you’ll be in cover A LOT. There’s also lots of exploration, side quests, loot, and more, blending in RPG elements. Your character Jensen has a lot of augmented traits, and in this future, humans can be augmented for special abilities. Your augments can be upgraded as you acquire XP and are pretty sweet. There’s a ton of augment options so you can upgrade whatever fits to your own play style. So if you choose to be very stealthy, upgrade your radar, see through walls, and cloaking. Otherwise maybe you want to upgrade your hacking skills to open more doors and secret items. I still had over 30 unused augments when I was done.

I loved the weapon selection here, allowing lethal and KO options. The tranq. rifle was my favorite stealth weapon as it is deadly silent and shoots tranq darts very far to KO an enemy. There's also pistols, auto and sniper rifles, laser rifles, emp/gas/frag grenades, and close up hand-to-hand KO & lethal moves you can perform.

But most of the game is spent sneaking around in the crouch position, utilizing the game's deep cover system. You'll crawl around, maybe pick off some guys, crawl through vents, hack doors, climb ladders, etc. to work your way around the map. You will use lots of strategy and thinking to complete your main and side quests, encouraging exploration and treasure hunting. I found myself engulfed in the game for the 5 days it took to complete.

I'd have to say Square under promised and over delivered, but expect slower stealthy gameplay and little replay value due to the 1-player only campaign.

Milt Drucker

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