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posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Apr 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

There have been a few MMO's for the console for good reason: they just have not worked out. However, considering the tie-ins to SyFy's show and the eventual ability for the players' actions to effect the show, Defiance is actually a surprisingly fun game.

GRAPHICS: Defiance's graphics are much better on the PC. The consoles, especially the Xbox 360, can suffer from FPS drop, but since the most recent BIG patches have been released, it is not as bad since opening week. But, these are typical MMO graphics; nothing that is extraordinary, but nothing that is a lame-duck either. The cutscenes are also about average, but it is annoying to barely see the lips and mouths move during conversations. One of the more annoying factors, though, is the distant haze which makes your far-sighted vision really short. 6.5/10

GAMEPLAY: The game is easy to pick up and play. It is an easy learning curve, especially for people who have played other MMO's or Borderlands. There are MANY quests to complete, along with contracts, lots of mini-games, and the various multiplayer modes (co-op or versus). But, just like the graphics, nothing special here but they get the job done...except vehicles, those are just atrocious when you operate them. 7/10

STORY: Meh. It doesn't draw me in, and considering the game is tied to the show, I'd expect a better attempt. The show has a better premise, at least until DLC comes out. 5/10

Sound: The music is pretty good and it fits the environment of the whole Defiance universe, including the show. Unfortunately, the voice-acting is not pleasant; it is unauthentic and sounds cheap. The gameplay sounds gets the job done, and some of the weapons sound pretty good; the only time the sound takes a step back is when there is lag, and the sound generates about half-a-second after your action. 7/10

OVERALL: An enjoyable surprise, and one that is a must if you enjoy BL and want to get into the show. The replay value is pretty high. 7/10

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Seen better effort in Free to play titles..

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 23, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2003

From the get go... You will possibly wonder... Why is this title 50 dollars? My answer: You are playing a Destiny beta.

That yes, you have to pay for. Would have been better as a first person shooter.

The graphics are ok in some parts but you can see exactly where the developers get really REALLY lazy.

The story is pretty flat...
An alien life form comes to earth and terra forms it. Then you find there is many different types of aliens on earth now. Some guy with the cell engine hires you to help him.

(What?) You wonder... Yes, it says to be only one alien, but you find there is more types.

Sooo thats about the story. Cheesy unthought out with cut scenes that seemed to have about 10 minutes of effort placed into it.
The game physics are pretty flat also... The driving is unrealistic and every vehicle controls the same(ATV& car). There is bugs that have enemy flickering across the screen. Objects that often will be found levitating. The funny aspect is that they put a lot of detail in small objects, but since it is a third person stance... You do not even see the details.

The game world is also very dead... You will occasionally see people online. They do have a fun mode called shadow war. It is fun, but without first person view it just is not as engaging and becomes very repetitive.

Some parts of the game map, which is fairly large, is well done, but other parts again... ARE half done. You will find areas that are literally flat and empty. Objects not placed correctly. Some parts are nice and geologically plausible... Others look like Dr Seuss did it.
There is many things wrong with this title that could have been easily fixed, easily made to look more visual appealing. I'm serious who puts all that detail into small objects but in a perception(3rd person stand point) you can not see??? But as I said before... I really think this game is just a beta of a more refined game.

Should be free-to-play.

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Defiance: The game of updates

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Apr 22, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

First, this cross platform TV show/game hybrid was a horrible idea. How could anyone jump onto that idea and think that the two could coexist? The concept doesn't work, plain and simple. Nothing from my game is going to have any affect on the SyFy show and vice versa.

Second, Defiance also REQUIRED me to install the game before playing 1 minute, needing over 5 GB of memory. It also required another GB of updates that took an additional 45 mins to install (75min total). If you don't have memory, you can't play the game.

As for the gameplay, Defiance tries to be even 1/500th as cool as Borderlands. However it fails, because it's not fun and has no plot. You have a giant open world peppered with side quests, main quests, some loot, and more but they aren't meaningful. I had more loot and weapons collected in the first 10 mins of Borderlands than I did in 6 hours with Defiance.

Being tied to a TV show, you'd think story would play a role in Defiance, but it's non existent. Not once did I ever know what I was doing or where to go, other than to follow my mini map. There is ZERO sense of accomplishment or feelings for anyone or anything I encountered. You basically just roam from one quest to the other, slowly upgrading a character and your weapons arsenal.

What makes Defiance somewhat unique is that everyone else playing the game online can be seen in your world. Other players are visible, like in Fable, and can interact with your quests, kill your guys, and have affect on your campaign. But I never once talked to anyone or joined another squad, because you can tell everyone is just on their own running around like a chicken with their head chopped off.

Because of that design, you can never pause the game, enemies re-spawn at will if you aren't moving, other players steal your XP, and can get in the way. It makes sense if the other players join forces, but everyone just does their own dumb. Don't play this game.

Milt Drucker

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