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A Lesser Borderlands

posted by tronsta (ROSELLE, NJ) May 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2007

I love the show and really wanted this to be something worthwhile, but after a week of trying my hardest to love it, I had to sent it back. The short and sweet:

The Good:
-Pretty seamless missions, easy to pick up and get some action in.
-Cool setting and story line.

The Bad:
-Terrible graphics, and I mean terrible. Reminds me of late Xbox 1 games. Maybe because I'm playing on a 46" TV but even when sitting 8 feet away there's tons of pixelation.
-Horrible frame rate on Xbox 360. You'd think with weak graphics it would at least run smoother but the frame rate is so choppy I find it way more challenging to hit enemies in fast combat than it should be.
-Pathetic tutorial. They show you how to do the basic stuff like in every other game but the deeper stuff they just leave up to you to figure out. It would be fine if the deeper stuff was more intuitive, but the menu system is silly and it gets old fast.
-Tons of bugs/glitches. I've had enemies just stand there and let me plug away at them. I've had bosses shoot grenades right through walls to hit me. I got my little 4x4 vehicle and hit an invisible rock that sent me flying through the air. Bugs are a constant and regular feature of the game.
-Constant patch checks whenever you start the game. I know this is the nature of the beast, but even when there is no new patch to download, it still takes a few minutes just to check and make sure no patches are needed.

In short, it wants to be Borderlands but fails due to loads of technical issues. Might be better in a few months but for right now, I'd recommend skipping. Get Borderlands 2 if are looking for that kind of game play, it's a far more polished and fun game.

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It's Not Bad Actually

posted by DrewdabossXL (MOUNT VERNON, NY) May 3, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

The game takes a While on your initial launch,(Took me about an hour )But that's expected for most MMO's. After that The Character Creator is oK,Simple,But you can make a pretty cool character .One complaint is the Graphics aren't very good(at least on the Console)It has it's moments where it looks decent but not much better then that.The Combat is Good, I like the roll that you can do along with the EGO powers.Regarding combat though,I cant ever say I felt stronger than before,All the shields feel the same,You tend to get overwhelmed by enemies as sometimes they randomly spawn behind you,some absorb to many hits making the game not feel balanced. Alot of the story mission I felt that I couldn't Do alone because the Bad guys would just absorb anything I threw at them and I would just keep re spawning and Dying.The final boss is more annoying then difficult one you master the attack pattern.Honestly after beating the story I was pretty bored with it and I haven't played in about a week.I would recommend the game if You like MMO's and 3rd Person Shooters but I feel like there is some Balancing to fix for now.

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posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Apr 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

There have been a few MMO's for the console for good reason: they just have not worked out. However, considering the tie-ins to SyFy's show and the eventual ability for the players' actions to effect the show, Defiance is actually a surprisingly fun game.

GRAPHICS: Defiance's graphics are much better on the PC. The consoles, especially the Xbox 360, can suffer from FPS drop, but since the most recent BIG patches have been released, it is not as bad since opening week. But, these are typical MMO graphics; nothing that is extraordinary, but nothing that is a lame-duck either. The cutscenes are also about average, but it is annoying to barely see the lips and mouths move during conversations. One of the more annoying factors, though, is the distant haze which makes your far-sighted vision really short. 6.5/10

GAMEPLAY: The game is easy to pick up and play. It is an easy learning curve, especially for people who have played other MMO's or Borderlands. There are MANY quests to complete, along with contracts, lots of mini-games, and the various multiplayer modes (co-op or versus). But, just like the graphics, nothing special here but they get the job done...except vehicles, those are just atrocious when you operate them. 7/10

STORY: Meh. It doesn't draw me in, and considering the game is tied to the show, I'd expect a better attempt. The show has a better premise, at least until DLC comes out. 5/10

Sound: The music is pretty good and it fits the environment of the whole Defiance universe, including the show. Unfortunately, the voice-acting is not pleasant; it is unauthentic and sounds cheap. The gameplay sounds gets the job done, and some of the weapons sound pretty good; the only time the sound takes a step back is when there is lag, and the sound generates about half-a-second after your action. 7/10

OVERALL: An enjoyable surprise, and one that is a must if you enjoy BL and want to get into the show. The replay value is pretty high. 7/10

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