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Really Bad

SUCH a Disappointment

posted by Cyrus_Physhor (KINGSLEY, MI) Jan 4, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Team Ninja, ya dun messed up! Seriously! They took away basically every reason I played the Dead or Alive series. The fighting mechanics have gotten a bit weaker in my opinion despite the addition of "Hard Blows", which, come on, are a bit...suggestive...? Now, I get that with DOA usually being centered around busty girls and sexual innuendo. But, I digress. My main problem with this game is the disturbingly large lack of unlocks. I remember playing all of the other Dead Or Alive games. I enjoyed the story mode. I enjoyed spending hours collecting item drops in survival mode to unlock dozens of costumes and then comparing some costumes to others. For example, I got a big kick out of one of Bayman's costumes from (I believe it was) DOA 3 or 4. It was a red leather trench coat with military pants and boots. Remind anybody other than me of a certain smart-mouthed demon hunter? What a fun thing for Team Ninja to do! But now, all of the costumes cost money. And after adding up the total of the costume packs, even going on the cheap end of buying the bundles, it added up to over 5000 MSP.

Now, I've been a DOA fan for approximately 6, almost 7 years. But, for them to haul off and do something like THIS? It's unforgivable! They really tanked the whole thing. And this is why I, even being an achievement hunter, will not waste any more of my time on this atrocity of a title. I HIGHLY recommend against anyone purchasing this game for any reason.

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GF Rating

Very Good

DOA has done it again!

posted by racoonsurvivor (CHESTERFIELD, MO) Nov 20, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

This game takes everything you loved about DOA 4 and makes it one of the best visuall fighters on the market today, the physics do not always work right, (mainly on the women) but every detail on the character is beautifully done. The story mode is similar to 4 and multiplayer has multiple modes. If you have been a fan of the series it is a good play and if you like fighters give this one a chance, it is simple enough to get into but like the game Othello it will take a lifetime to master! The only ding I have with this game is that the DLC coming out is ridiculously expensive. 12 dollars for some outfits is insane! No one has to download these things obviously and I wont be, I just needed to put that out there!

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GF Rating


Fighting Game Fans only

posted by TaiketsuKing (HOLLYWOOD, FL) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

So where to start with this one, does it live up to its DOA NAME? can go head to head with its predecessors most definitely.. is it a game you can play at all..not at the slightest. Its story mode has been improved a bit i suppose but its nothing special once beaten, no urge to play again. so hows the fighting itself? Great excellent i cried at how beautiful it was, did not let me down in that aspect. But, if you dont have someone else to play with..beating a cpu all the time gets boring, though it has online but you'll eventually have to pay for it. Its one of em games you'd have in your shelf, and wait to play when that trash talking friend comes over. im an allround gamer but i do love fighting games so, as a fighting game i give it a 10. but as a game its definitely a 7. My Advice if you can only rent 1 game at a time..dont rent this one. its a game you buy when the price drops

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