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Above Average


posted by 44YOLDEYES (OLATHE, KS) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2007

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

First off, I have played BOTH the others all the way through and 1 and 2 were FAR better than this, its a classic example of trying to appeal to a wider audience and then failing...bad soo heres my take and I played it all the way through just to be sure.

Don't know what/who decided to make this mess, cant really put a finger on it just:
1. Its NOT scary
2. Its NOT suspensefull
3. Its NOT exciting
4. There is WAAAY to much whinning and crying.
5. Its NOT scary
6. Hacking is lame
7. healing/recharging is slow
8. Its NOT scary
9. I felt NOTHING for any of the characters
10 playing it felt like going to work on monday morning

In closing I think dead space is dead :(

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GF Rating

Above Average

The problem is saving...

posted by jcsmith2 (LYNNWOOD, WA) Feb 6, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

9 out of 17 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

I'd love to give this game a higher rating. Seriously. If you can play this game for hours at a time, it's probably an 8 or 9. It's got it all, good graphics, suspense, and an excellent story. The problem is I don't have hours at a time to play it. I get an hour here or there, and as a result when I have to save the game to come back later and lose 45 minutes of play time because it takes me back to the start of the chapter and not the last checkpoint... Well you see the problem.

In short, if you've got a lot of time to play this is a really good game, but if you can only give it an hour or two at a time, it might not be for you.

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GF Rating



posted by DoubleStops (KENNEWICK, WA) Mar 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Horrible, I'm just going to rant a little bit here. The control is sluggish even when I bumped up the sensitivity. The story is more annoying than anything and the multiplier....Wow. Really? I've already payed for my monthly subscription to xbox live and EA has the audacity to charge for another online code in order for me to play? Ridiculous. The potential of this game was relevant. The big mistake was EA publishing this. EA used to be a decent company but now they're nothing more than pigs. No thanks, I gave it a try and can't find the joy in this. Dead Space deserves a 5 from me and on another note Isaac is just annoying to me. If you enjoy it, great! but I'll spend my time with something with more substance.

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