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It was fine but no split screen co-op

posted by BloodaxeUsM (CRESWELL, OR) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

After finding the co-op is not split screen, I returned the game.

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Very Good

Great Game, But miss the scare factor

posted by Irf9393 (BRANDON, FL) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Dead Space 3 is amazing. lots of action, great scenery and all around amazing story. However the only true scary Dead Space was the 1st one. Mostly because you had limited resources throughout the lower difficulties as well as darker and more unknown environments that left you guessing as to what might pop out. Dead Space 3 takes in the action role left from Dead Space 2 and creates more of it and less horror. That could be because when game informer interviewed the makers during dead space 2, they specifically stated that they did not like that its gamers were too afraid to play the first game. which is why they take this direction. I find that completely bogus, but whatever. Other than that the game is still very story oriented and will keep you interested as to what may happen. The only other downside is that dang online pass. WORST INVENTION EVER!!! That brings my review down a couple points until EA realizes people don't want to spend the money for that on a rental or used purchase.

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Mind Blowing... Literally

posted by Gamer777 (ROUND ROCK, TX) Feb 20, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

Dead Space to me is the mother of all horror survival action games out there, Nothing can out match dead space.
Dead Space 3 continues the path of Issac Clark which everything around him just goes wrong suddenly and he has to fix it like any engineer would, I don't even know how he could comprehend the stuff hes been through.
But anyways... Dead space 3 includes a co-op character John Carver who helps Issac in his journey to destroy the Marker(s) (a thing that destroys life). His story is pretty interesting and adds more dialog to the game and more missions to figure out what Carver is going through due to the effects of the marker like what happened to Issac in Dead Space 2 (Dementia).
The plot in Dead Space 3 is compelling and was well put in - The Unitologists that worship the Marker and believe that using the Marker to kill everyone and "Making them whole" And believe they will be reborn.
So, The Unitologists use the Markers that were controlled and used for unlimited energy, they sabotaged it and used it to start havoc on the moon which is really populated during its time.
Issac tends to stop the Markers signals of corruption and infection by finding the source which will stop the marker.
- If you want a well made series then i'll recommend you Dead Space. The story, visuals, twists, intensity, gore, fear. Its all in this one sequel and its completely worth $60 plus the DLC - The Awakening. If there was, Its a 9.5, I cant add .5 more because the only problem I have with this game is not completely their fault but EA makes this game to where if you need ingame items then you need to buy their useless perks that you'd probably end up buying for a really high cost. There is also the ingame money 'Ration Cards' to bypass the money spending but you have a limit on how many you can have.

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