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Edge of My Seat The Whole Time!!!

posted by GameStalker (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 30, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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I absolutely loved this game from beginning to end.
I just couldn't get enough of the endless monsters coming out of inconspicuous places. What never failed was the "playing dead" trick, which I never felt for ever again after the first DS lol.
I swear the monsters got more creepier in every detail since the first one, but If you have the balls to play it at night time with the lights off like me than you will see exactly what Im talking bout!
When using weapons and health, you have to know what weapons will aid you in your journey. I wound up only using Pulse Rifle and The Ripper, and trust me those babies got me through. I would recommend that you pick weapons that you know how to use in any situation, either its killing speed enhanced necromorphs or exploding babies. And most importantly!!!>"USE THE ENVIRONMENT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE." there are things that will help you when you least expect it.
Im no spoiler, so Im not gonna tell you anything about Issacs troubles, and man are they TRIPPY!!
Good Luck fellow gamer, hope my review was helpful!!

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Adrenaline pumping intensity!

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jan 29, 2011

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It's only January and 2011 is looking VERY promising. I wanted to to complete the entire campaign before I posted a review, but also add a twist by providing a list of survival tips and hints for Dead Space 2.

In DS1, you never felt safe. You never knew when a necro was going to pop out a vent shaft and try to gnaw your leg off. You’ll get the same paranoid feeling in this thriller. The random scare tactics will make you jump in your seat. Your heart rate will instantly rise, adrenaline starts flowing, and then you know you’re about to shred some limbs. The feeling was just intense!

Your character Isaac Clarke is no longer a stiff robot with zero personality. You can view his face, he talks and has emotion and character; something not seen in DS1. Not only has your entire persona improved, but your movement is much more flexible. It's extremely fluid, and I loved the added strafe ability while running, so you can run side to side much better...something crucial for avoiding hordes of necros and to get good positioning.

DS2 is an action packed, sci-fi bloodfest, necro space zombie, limb shooting gory masterpiece. You get exciting graphics, great sound, music, and voice acting, exhilarating fight scenes and sequences unlike any shooter. Getting all but 1 achievement was easy and very fun to unlock.

- Because you can view your objective path any time, always explore as much as possible before following that. You'll find lots of secrets you'll need.
- Stomp EVERY necro body you see or kill (yes, EVERY). They almost always drop precious loot and ammo you desperately need.
- Use LB to run and strafe. Use it often and get used to it.
- Shoot the limbs obviously, and use your stasis powers to shoot the limbs back at them.
- Conserve ammo. Use your stasis powers as much as possible and upgrade those before your weapons.
- Play with the lights off and sound up

Milt Drucker

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glad i did what i did

posted by codemastr (DENVER, CO) Feb 10, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

I went out and bought dead space 2 because I was tired of waiting for gamefly to send it and it was the best thing I ever did I love it

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