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A review from a HARDCORE fan of the original.

posted by HrdcrGamr (HIGLEY, AZ) Oct 1, 2010

Member since May 2010

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I love me some Dead Rising. I have played through countless times, gotten all the achievements in the original and Case Zero, and feel that it is one of my favorite games ever.

This sequel manages to surpass the original in nearly every way. I miss taking pictures, but I have to admit, the combo system works incredibly well with the Dead Rising formula and its unique brand of humor. There is just something about turning a teddy bear into an automated gun turret by combining him with a heavy machine gun or duct taping knives to a pair of boxing gloves that just bring a smile to your face.

Also, it is good to see that the developers realized that the time limit is actually an essential part of the original and is what gives Dead Rising its amazing replay value. For anyone renting this, do not worry if you fail a case or miss a few survivors, just play the game naturally. You can still continue the game and there will be PLENTY of missions and things to do even if you don't complete the main storyline. You aren't really meant to do everything right the first time through. If you try, you are just going to frustrate yourself and hate the game because of it.

Finally, there is the 2 player online co-op which is just a blast to play!!! There are some saving and connection issues at the time of this review, but hopefully they are ironed out in the next couple of weeks. You can play through the entire campaign together and it makes the game twice as enjoyable. You can also still earn achievements as long as you do all the requirements while in that same session. Since only the host saves the actual progress in the game and story. You just basically save your character outfit and PP gains.


Slightly Improved Survivor AI
Keeps the originals sense of humor
Hilarious Boss Fights
Combining weapons is fun and addicting
Stays true to the original


Load times are a bit too long
Guns might as well be pea shooters
Co-op Save Issues
Chuck Hasn't Covered Wars
No Camera

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GF Rating


Great Zombie Game

posted by DesertGame (LAS CRUCES, NM) Sep 29, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

27 out of 33 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

If you are a fan of the first game you will love the sequel. Multiplayer is fun and for the first time you can play coop.


This game still feels like the first game. Even though you are suppose to be in a Vegas style town, it still feels like the mall from the first game to me. Many of the layouts are exactly the same as the first game. If you take the elevator up from the safe house to the roof, you find a near duplicate of the roof from the safe room in the mall in the first game. Many of the stores are the same design, and the "town" layout is nearly the same as the mall in the first game. It can lead an experienced player into feeling like they are playing a modded version of the first game.

Multiplayer's coop can leave long loading screens as the two gamer's systems "sync". This can be 30 to 45 seconds of loading, which can leave a wrong turn sapping a good 3 minutes for loading.

Most people decline coop que's leaving you looking for group for long periods of time.

Still frustrating as the first game is the fact that you can accidently hit the people you are trying to rescue. In one example for me, I crafted the laser sword which downs zombies in one hit...and makes your party members defect just as fast!! I have also been killed by my own party members.


NPCs do not try to fight EVERY single zombie that comes in their way. Improved is the movement and traveling for these guys. They can shove zombies and barrel through them, often better then I can on my own!

Coop, though the loading times are killer, is a ton of fun for just bashing zombies. If you can find a friend who also has a copy of this game, you are set for hours of zombie killing fun.

The money earned in the online game show mode can be cashed out and used in single player mode. So making money online is fast and easy!

This game's story wasn't very interesting but still has a lot of the exciting game edge the first game has, a surefire win!

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GF Rating


Improved in everyway

posted by Jefferson (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 5, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

20 out of 26 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

A couple of simple things that make this game a lot better than most of the games I have played ever. This is not a comparison to the first one this is a simple "OMG it's awesome" review.

1. Simple awesome co-op. With the achievement that allows you to play through the whole game with a buddy, it makes this game head and shoulders over MOST other games

2. Weapon combination. This alone could keep me entertained for hours. I love the unique and sometimes absurd combination's to the game. Also, its nice that you can "discover" combo cards, through leveling up, saving survivors, defeating psychos, or just finding them. It makes those that love to make weapon combo's enjoy the reward from all facets of the game.

3. Scratch cards VS combo cards. I enjoy that just because you figured out a weapon combo all on your own you don't actually get to enjoy the full potential of the weapon. For instance, the spike bat, if you don't have the combo card, you can't do the cool finisher move by beating them on the head, you can only use it as a simple weapon. Also, if you have the actual combo card you get more PP.

4. Re-playability. There is SO much to do I don't know how one would get to see/do/explore everything on one play through. Since you level up, when you encounter a new area, new boss fight, or new information its different because you might have a new weapon you made, or you hit harder, or your faster. It also allows you to explore and find new people to save, or bosses to kill.

5. Versus. Quick note, the games that you get to play on TIR against other people is a really fun time. Simple games that would compare to Mario Party, they are very enjoyable

Overall an excellent game. I highly recommend the purchase.

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