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dead island

posted by cc13189 (DOWNINGTOWN, PA) Sep 14, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Game is practically resident evil, dead rising, and fallout. Resident evil because u get to shoot zombies with pistols and assualt rifles. Dead rising because u can custom weapons from sledgehammers, knives, machettes, hammers , baseball bat, and ect. Fallout cause the map is like fallout with easy fast travel and the way map is setup. Game is a lot of fun doing the story mode that includes 4 different characters to choose from. They each have there own abilities each better or worse than others. U can drive in the game as well. story mode is great, and u can play over with a diff charactor and do things differently than first time u played. There is side missions u can do for money, xp, or ability to make unique special weapon. Online mode is fun if u play with friends. Four of u or just yourself can play online and go around and either do the story line or side missions. People can join in or u can join someones game. Zombies are slow and walkin at first and there is not many at first but as game goes on it gets harder and zombies get faster and stronger. There's 3 special kind of zombies in the game and big boss zombies. U can level up with xp points and everytime u level up u pick a special trait u can have from pickin locks to being better in combat. All in all its great game and I couldn't put the controller down for a while each time I played

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GF Rating


Better then any zombie game by far

posted by VisMee (POWAY, CA) Sep 14, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is an action packed zombie thrill ride. The graphics are magnificent and the story is alright. Its not bad, but it could've been better. There are many quests that are time consuming but enjoyable to say the very least. This is a very melee based game. You do get to use firearms later throughout the game, but for the most part, the best weapons are the melee ones. This game is a lot of fun but what annoys me are the driving mechanics. Other then that this game is a must have/rent. The theme song at the start of the game is catchy too. "Who do you voodoo, B!"

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GF Rating


Taken By Surprise

posted by Djohns30 (CANTON, OH) Sep 12, 2011

Member since Sep 2009

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

When I first saw the trailer for this game it was the little girl in the hall way running, i thought awesome game. then i saw the actually game play along with the corny one liners that follow. it made me not want to play it. I gave into not having a game and rented it.

its everything a life like zombie game should be. you can do real time trading with other online players, weapons wear down, pretty much everything you see is useful and the fact that you cant walk 20 yards without looking behind sets the bar for paranoia.

Good Specs
Graphics are much better than what they show in the trailer
Sound effects are awesome
Game play is dmn near perfect
A.I. is basic but, what do you want they're zombies. When they attack though they are non-stop
Modifying and creating new weapons is a huge plus, much better than Dead Rising
Online game play is just plain old fun

Bad Specs
there are so many glitches especially when it comes to the quest guide, the lines sometimes wont show you the correct way to go. A.I. friendly players sometimes lock up or get stuck in the ground.

Dont let the glitches stop you from playing, its so much fun you look past it. just Buy this game!!!

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