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a unique experience, but not for all

posted by Coz (BETHEL, CT) Sep 7, 2011

Member since May 2011

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If you are expecting this game to be L4D or Undead Nightmare you will be disappointed. Instead, as others have noted it borrows elements from Borderlands and the like and requires you to level up before you reach the frantic pace of zombie rampage found in other popular games.

In the beginning, you will encounter only the low-level "walker" zombies that are akin to Dead Rising's slow-moving nuisance undead. It is only after leveling up a bit that you encounter the "Infected," "Floaters," "Rams" and more powerful zombies and in greater numbers.

There is a fair amount of strategy involved in this game as weapons deteriorate and break if you continually swing for the fences, requiring you to locate and periodically visit workbenches to repair and upgrade your weapons. Weapons management is definitely part of the game and for some, this will be a turn off. The game is melee-focused so don't expect to find a shotgun around every corner. You can, however, throw just about any of your weapons to keep your attackers at bay.

Health can be found in abundance but cannot be carried with you, so you'll need to high tail it to one when energy levels get low. The exception is the portable medkit, which I have yet to encounter but understand are scarce.

The expansive, open world environment lets players roam where they want to (within reason) and choose which quests they want to participate in, which is nice. A la Borderlands there is much looting to be had and money and weapon upgrade parts are to be found everywhere, although you will need to complete side quests in order to obtain the blueprints required to make use of them.

There are glitches and a list of things I would like to see done differently, but nothing so egregious as to hinder the experience for me (so far anyway). Highly recommended for fans of RPGs who like to kill zombies in their spare time. If you like your undead experience frenzied off the bat you should look elsewhere, but a welcome new zombie genre imo.

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GF Rating


Dead Island

posted by SeanLazarus (MIDLOTHIAN, VA) Oct 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Dead Island is a good game that takes a bit from Borderlands and Left 4 Dead and made it its own unique FPS Hack N Slash. This game is hard and YOU WILL DIE LOTS OF TIMES so expect that. Majority of the game is hack and slash with occasional guns. I lost quite a few hours caught up in the game , especially the sidequests. Although there are a few glitches here and there and some of the story doesn't seem to fit , it's still a great game to rent ....I don't see this having high replay value unless they add some great DLC ...I've heard of a multiplayer arena coming soon.

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GF Rating

Very Good

great play but....

posted by WUNBALL (MAIZE, KS) Oct 8, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

let me start by saying i enjoyed this game and it was entertaining but, there were some set backs. the quality of dead island is amazing. the graphics are crisp and very sharp. the storyline (altough told 1000 times) is different than most zombie apocalypse stories. the multiplayer drop in/ drop out is amazing also. but there are a few things that hold this game back from GOTY awards. the first thing is the controls. while the controller layout is simple and easy to learn, they feel very sluggish and downright unresponsive at times. theres been several occasions where i would completely swing past a zombie instead of connecting a bat with their face. another problem is the interaction with worldly objects. it seems difficult at times to find the correct place on a door for the curser to pop up so you can open it; same goes for entering a vehicle or picking up an item. another problem with tech engine 5 is some minor overlay issues. once, i killed a zombie over a weapon that was on the ground, and i couldnt pick up the weapon because the zombie was keeping it out of my line of sight. next i want to ramble about the cookie cutter side questing. very mundane to put it lightly. i was in a safe zone once and picked up 10 side quests in a row without leaving the area. they feel repetitive and flatout boring at times. most people will get around this by just skipping them (sorry to you completionist that will try to finish all of them) overall the quality and entertainment value of this game are out of sight. as for the problems, i feel that a patch could clear most of them adding more quality and value. of course these are just my opinions. but my suggestion is if you are a rpg/fps fan who enjoys open world games with a lot of quests, and you enjoy multiplayer with friends, rent this game first before buying. once you get past a few minor annoying blips and bumps, i feel you will take very well to the game

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