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Very Good

These people are crazy

posted by clawedtoast (STERLING HEIGHTS, MI) Sep 18, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

for saying its a horrible game. It is the BEST zombie game out there, and I love almost everything about this game.. Must buy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I love it, I love it but I hate u a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by justsomegeek (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Sep 17, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

-The biggest problem that I have with D.I. is saving my progress. For some reason when u get to a checkpoint it said its saving ur game but the next time u load up the game, it sets u back a couple side and main quests that u already have done! And if u don't have enough time to play the game u r going to repeat this progress several times and get frustrated over this problem (i did) There are other issues and glitches here and there but not as big as the issue i just mention that's the only problem that I have with D.I.
-The game is freaking awesome
-The game-play is extreme well done, had no problem moving around, switching weapons or fighting against countless waves of zombies. (u just got to remember ur surroundings so u wont get cornered and die easily)
-The fighting system is also well done, u can hit that zombie high for the head or low for the family jewels either way is a whole lot of fun.
-There is 100 ways to kill a zombie, shoot them, cut off their heads, ram them over with ur car, burn them, cut off their limbs and even drowned them LoL
-For zombies the A.I. is pretty smart, sometimes when u r facing a group of them, they will try to surround u.
-The characters u get to choose are interesting and well designed. each of them have their own special ability and their own reason why their r on the island
-The environment is extremely beautiful, well designed, every object, house, street has great detail to them to make u feel that u r in the end of days
-U get to create many different weapon with the mods u find around the island or as a reward from a quest u completed
-Upgrading ur weapons and characters is easy and simple
-Co-op is also simple, easy and fun to play with a friend

Its an amazing game, u get the chance to explore a huge island filled with zombies to take on in a first person perspective The only down side that I have with D.I. it just wont save ur game progress the right way but I still recommended this game to many body

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GF Rating


Fun game but not for everyone

posted by Slyfox43 (EL PASO, TX) Sep 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2008

I am a total Zombie fan of anything that has to do with Zombies. So Dead Island to me is a must have, but thats not what this review is about. The game kind of reminds me of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising put together. The graphics aren't all that great and choppy at times. The audio is descent enough. What really stands out is how the game adapts and changes to everything you do, which makes the game so much fun, differnt types of Zombies with differnt lvls of strength and attack make this game fun to play for hours on end, but the stoyline is entertaining and 30hrs of gameplay make this game awsome to play. So try it out, but like I said may not be everyones cup of tea.

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