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I bought a one-way ticket

posted by boredatwrk (SACRAMENTO, CA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

I felt the need to post in the same way Casmouse did. These 'most helpful' reviews are pretty absurd. To say that this game runs worse than Fallout New Vegas is ludicrious. NV under it's current patch is unplayble after 10 minutes in certain areas. I'm 85% done with the main DI story and i've had one freeze. One. I play online frequently. Anyone who has to reset their system 5 times in one sitting has alot more problems than anyone here, who shuts down their system occasionally, can diagnose. Honestly I enjoy both games, but I put in DI when i'm tired of NV struggling.

DI is great. It basically plays like a more unsettling borderlands. You never quite feel comfortable in your surroundings, which is one of the games biggest achievements. There are multiple locations.. the scenery is just gorgeous. I've stopped several times just to admire the view.. much like FFXIII. Even comfortable with my weapon, I in no way feel like i'm just taking a light stroll through.. anywhere.

Decapitations never get old. Gameplay is basically first person melee, (there are guns that come very handy in certain situations, they are just not found as often) and a kick technique for crowd control. I love to jump and kick them in midair.. it's just so ninja. Later in the game you can invest in a technique to one-stomp the zombies head.. just a viscious SPLAT! that does rediculous damage. I'm a fan.

I feel like i'm one of those that will be quick to criticize a game for repetitive missions. I just never found this complaint justifiable. Even at 85% done with the story.. the jump in/jump out feature lets you constantly join other peoples games and see new side missions pop.. I never know what to expect. The lasting appeal of this game truely has me thinking I won't be done with it for awhile.

Fallout and Borderlands did indeed have a baby. And I'll babysit f'ing anytime.

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What's All the Complaining About?

posted by casmouse (MARTINEZ, CA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

I've been playing this game for a while now, (it's a really long story) but i'm hearing all this complaining about glitches there must be somthing wrong with your disk because i've had none. Well i've only have 2 glitches, not a billion like everybody claims to have. The two are: when I kicked a sand castle I instantly died, and when i leveled up i died the second i was hit by a zombie. other than those two little things everthing was perfect. So stop complaining everbody please it gets annoying.

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Above Average

6 that should be at least an 8

posted by rightCOASTwins (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Sep 28, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

In a nutshell, this game has tons of potential that it just leaves you annoyed and a little bit unfulfilled.

The PS3 version is ripe with bugs, as evidenced by the score dropping from a 9.3 when i received the game, to a 7.5 roughly as it is now.

There is so much to like about this game it is hard to bash it; the Boderlands meets several top zombie games was a great take, and little things like; the use of a stamina bar, flawless work lighting especially with the flashlight, weapon creation system and mods and much of the scenery are top notch.

But it is all these things that offer you the possibility of such a great experience that leave you that much more frustrated with the end result.

With issues like No manual saving being annoying enough, the autosave feature would often decide to ignore its only job losing many people precious weapons, mods, XP and TIME, which can really take enjoyment out of a game quickly. Other issues include very poor co-op menu that appears promising with the one touch D-Pad join in. Often booting one player, or forcing you to quit if host decides to leave, and no simple add to friend setup for recent games. Not to mention the story and dialogue going severely downhill a few hours in.

Too long didn't read:

Wait till the next patch or two come out, or better yet the sequel and you will get an 8 or 9 rated game, as of now too buggy.

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