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Above Average

Average at best, Left 4 Dead's Ugly Sister

posted by beantown85 (BROCKTON, MA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Jun 2009

It's not a great game, regardless of what the over-hype tells you. It's an average game that is fun for a little while, and then it gets very old and very repetitive. I thought it would have more excitement, but you will find yourself skipping through the lame story just to get to the zombie killing, and even then it's bland at best.

Honestly I think the left 4 dead series is better than this game. At least in that game there is more shooting. In dead island you have to choose among 4 players who have their own specialty and their own background story which isn't even that entertaining. Usually I wouldn't be so picky, but this is not a great game.

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Not so perfect vacation.

posted by Besarius (SAGINAW, MI) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

For those who are interested in renting Dead Island, you should know a few things. There are a few bugs most won't ruin your game and are hardly noticeable; most of the first day release bugs were fixed with the patch. Now with that out of the way for game play review; unlike most games you'll have to repair,upgrade as well as create unique weapons by scavenging for them or by find needed material for them which to me honestly makes the game stand out. Fighting is a bit difficult at some times due to the over whelming number of enemies that can (and will) come at you from different angles. Story line - Its like most Zombie survival games, you're the only one immune to the virus and is attempting to escape nothing special honestly. Main focus of the game is team work which is why there is 4 player co-op allowing either you and 3 buddies (Online or Lan) to kill infected, complete quests and roam the giant island of Banoi. Only problem is you will sometimes freeze, get D/Ced from others games and get stuck outside the map(very rare occasion).The game itself is pretty long and decent giving it a 7/10 atleast.

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I bought a one-way ticket

posted by boredatwrk (SACRAMENTO, CA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

I felt the need to post in the same way Casmouse did. These 'most helpful' reviews are pretty absurd. To say that this game runs worse than Fallout New Vegas is ludicrious. NV under it's current patch is unplayble after 10 minutes in certain areas. I'm 85% done with the main DI story and i've had one freeze. One. I play online frequently. Anyone who has to reset their system 5 times in one sitting has alot more problems than anyone here, who shuts down their system occasionally, can diagnose. Honestly I enjoy both games, but I put in DI when i'm tired of NV struggling.

DI is great. It basically plays like a more unsettling borderlands. You never quite feel comfortable in your surroundings, which is one of the games biggest achievements. There are multiple locations.. the scenery is just gorgeous. I've stopped several times just to admire the view.. much like FFXIII. Even comfortable with my weapon, I in no way feel like i'm just taking a light stroll through.. anywhere.

Decapitations never get old. Gameplay is basically first person melee, (there are guns that come very handy in certain situations, they are just not found as often) and a kick technique for crowd control. I love to jump and kick them in midair.. it's just so ninja. Later in the game you can invest in a technique to one-stomp the zombies head.. just a viscious SPLAT! that does rediculous damage. I'm a fan.

I feel like i'm one of those that will be quick to criticize a game for repetitive missions. I just never found this complaint justifiable. Even at 85% done with the story.. the jump in/jump out feature lets you constantly join other peoples games and see new side missions pop.. I never know what to expect. The lasting appeal of this game truely has me thinking I won't be done with it for awhile.

Fallout and Borderlands did indeed have a baby. And I'll babysit f'ing anytime.

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