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Above Average

Nice idea, but poor execution mars the fun

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Mar 30, 2012

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"Dead Island" is a pretty neat idea: Take an island paradise, make it an open-world sandbox in which to run around in, and add zombies. Mix in some RPG elements and weapons crafting, and the result should have been a fun game. Sadly, the execution of the final product was not as fun as it could have been, marred by slippery controls, inconsistent enemies, and an endless supply of repetitive quests that are often more mundane than exciting. In the single player campaign, you get to pick from one of four characters (two male, two female) which are more or less carbon copies of each other. You begin in your hotel, where things go very wrong as the undead are on the loose. From there you meet up with various bands of survivors, who put you to work taking care of varying tasks for them. Problem is, they don't bother to help, preferring to let you deal with the zombies, as for some reason you're immune to their bite. That doesn't mean you're immortal: You can die, and you will do so often. And here's where some of the frustration begins to set in, as when you die, you're respawned 5 seconds later. That's not the bad part, however. The bad part is where you respawn, which gets quite inconsistent. Sometimes it will be right where you were felled, and other times it will be far from your objective that you were going for, necessitating a long trek back to where you died, often passed respawned zombies. Yes, they respawn- clear an area out, and when you return later, that same area will be overrun again. There's only an autosave, but you should've had a save anywhere feature in a game like this. The 1st person view, while immersive, doesn't always work well with a camera that can get very unfocused during combat, is in melee form mostly, and the camera makes things harder than they should be. Graphics are fairly good and the voice acting is competent. Your weapons are varied, but they degrade quickly, making you find a place to repair them often. I'd rent this before buying.

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Very Good

Pretty Epic

posted by Flip727 (POWAY, CA) Apr 13, 2013

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If you like borderlands and if you like zombies, you might find this very enjoyable. It kinda has the same concept except instead of just guns, you can come up on machetes, samurai swords, bats, hammers, pretty much anything that you think could be used as a weapon.

Has the same kind of looting concept to it and of course you can upgrade you items to make a dope flaming baseball bats and the such.

I really enjoyed the game, but to be honest I did lose interest towards the end. I recently picked it up again to finally finish it before the 2nd one comes out (which I am going to get).

The multiplayer is fun, and helpful, except it can get a little annoying when the random guy your playing with is doing his own thing and not helping you finish your quests.

The story is pretty much what you'd expect from a title named "Dead Island". Your on a island with a very high class resort and then one day everything goes to fudge. The adventure starts off on the resort, but the island is so much bigger than just the resort and you of course get to explore pretty much all different areas. I won't give away too much, but they're all uniquely different to the horror experience.

All in all this game is pretty freaky to play by yourself. Seriously when hear the infected scream and don't see them, it'll make you mess up your pants when they start attacking you from behind, which in my opinion is fun. I don't play too many survival horror games, but this sure is way more fun than resident evil 6. IMO.

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Huge Save Problem

posted by Tek143 (BRISTOL, VA) Sep 20, 2011

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This game is a really good game except that it has a huge save problem the game is supposed to automatically save for you but wont most the time for example spending two hours getting from chapter 5 to chapter 8 an you would think the game would save between there wrong it sent me all the way back to chapter 5 3 times after getting to a higher chapter an playing the next day an having to restart all over again an again this happened in previous chapters to me also.

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