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GF Rating


A Great Game...

posted by CamelToad (MEMPHIS, TN) Jan 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

Lets get the ugly stuff out of the way first - yes this game has similarities to God of War and Zelda (and even a blatant rip-off of Portal) but as a whole this game is great and anyone with a gamefly account (hey, that's you!) should definitely check this game out. The art style is easily one of the best out there in my opinion making for some truly beautiful level and character designs and it is backed by what I feel is one of the best stories in a video game in a long time - all the way up to the ending which is especially great. The combat is fairly simply but still ends up being very fun and the game has a nice variety of cool puzzles throughout. The upgrades to your skills, moves, health/wrath and weapon mods keep the game feeling fresh all the way through as well.

Do yourself a favor and check this great game out.

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GF Rating


My new favorite game.

posted by jeryst (FALLS CREEK, PA) Jan 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

This game rocks. Great, rock solid graphics with no clipping at all. Smooth gameplay. Intuitive and easy to learn controls. The fighting is great, and very gratifying. The scenery and artwork are just mindblowing. Everything is beautifully rendered, and just when you think you cant be amazed any more, some new creature just blows you away. The voice acting is very good, and the music really sets the scene.

The only reason I didnt give it a 10, was because of the boss fights. Although there is a different way to kill each boss, the actual fight is very repetitive, and seems to drag on too long. The other thing that I didnt like, was that the bosses do not have any type of health indicator, so you dont know which weapons are hurting them, or how much life they have left. It is quite annoying.

But other than that, this game has to be one of the best I have ever played. Also, although there is a lot of blood and gore, there is only a tiny bit of mildly objectionable language (TV has much worse) if you have young kids around. I want to thank the game creators for not resorting to foul language. I feel very comfortable letting my 7 year old son play the game, and he thinks it is the coolest game he has ever seen. I think we may just wind up keeping it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun, but not the end all.

posted by Lazarus028 (MINERAL, VA) Jan 10, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Ok. First, this game is fun. Now forgive me because i just finished Uncharted 2 so my review may be a little swayed. This is a fun action game. Plenty of good fights early on.

I wouldn't say this is an "easy" game. Some of the early fights can be rather difficult for the uninitiated. My wife is a mild gamer and any action game that she can't button mash and proceed in she will give up. That being said there is a lil bit of strategy to some of the fights.

Graphic wise, it's alright. Definately not mind blowing or anything. The cutscenes are pretty nice, but I wasn't blown away.

Again, this is a fun game. Things are always happening and chances are you will come to a point or two where you will be challenged. There is definately something to build on here. Those God of War fans out there will be happy to play this to tide them over for the next few weeks til GoW3 comes out.

I did enjoy playing this one, but personally was slightly let down. Of course my standards have been readjusted after playing Uncharted 2. This game definately worth the rental. Good luck and safe hunting!!

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