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If you like platforming a lot!!@

posted by RuningWolf (YUCAIPA, CA) Sep 10, 2012

Member since Apr 2003

Now don't get me wrong,the game is pretty good.I'd rate the graphics at around 8, the sound at 6 and the over all game play at around 8 but this game has so much back tracking and platforming from this point to that only to go back to do something else to complete a task at a point you were at three tasks ago that It quickly lost It's fun factor for me.
I'm a casual gamer which just means I have a family and a job and a life to live outside of the gamer world.I almost never give up on a game and will fight to the finish to complete a game except when the game becomes repetitious and tediously boring as this game has become for me.Way too much paltforming.I'm so boried with this game that at this point you couldn't give me a free copy that I would keep.I'm glad I rented this game first before buying it! So as I said in my header,If you like platforming games then maybe you'll like this one but I just don't have the time to waste on games this tedious.Good luck and happy gaming!

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Boresiders 2...

posted by ArmedOyster (RINGGOLD, GA) Sep 8, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

THQ and Vigil hyped this game up too much. It simply could not meet the expectations that they set for themselves. The look of Death, as with War, looked like they both came out of a Fable title. When I think of the 4 Horsemen, I don't think of tiny heads and over-sized hands and feet. I'll admit, the graphics were decent, I just don't like the direction that they went with them.

Next on the chopping block, controls... While THQ touted Death to be a more agile and nimble fighter than War, the control scheme didn't convey this at all. The time I spent playing, I felt like I was controlling a lumbering oaf around the battlefield. Simply put, the controls felt too heavy and clumsy for Death to be as agile as he was SUPPOSED to be.

Also, THQ, was the story supposed to be ironic or something? Death resurrecting the human race? I didn't think it was ironic at all, it was just dumb...

I couldn't make myself play this game for more than a few hours, and I tried constantly to enjoy it and I just couldn't. My review is from the point of view of a player that made it as far as fixing the forge and obtaining that shoddy excuse for a pistol...

THQ, don't let this happen again, guys. This could have been so much better, which is what I was lead to believe. Instead, you recycled nearly everything from the first game and changed the protagonist. That, my friends, is not the formula for a good game.

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This game was very tidious and repetative.

posted by Humbertoaster5 (BANGOR, ME) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

This game was terrible i thought it would be a good game at first but u just climb walls and solve puzzles its not really an action game its the a problem solving huge balls of annoyance. It mad me so frusterated and i sent it back within 3 hours

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