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Very Good

Deff a good rental (single player campaign review)

posted by hhsaWaknoW (GARDENA, CA) Feb 9, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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I know what your thinking, not another shooter. Thats what crossed my mind when I was about to start the game but I was pleasantly surprised. The cell shading graphics are awesome first off. I dig the look of these types of games (borderlands).
The story was good but halfway through you kinda can figure out just where things are going to lead ( a tad short also), characters are cool but nothing to get attached to and the environments are pretty awesome nice detail on the levels in my opinion.
The game play was actually very responsive, pick up a crate aim in the general area of a mob and let er rip. 90% of the time its spot on. The use of the extra limbs is a nice addition also, shoot, smash, shoot, grab, throw, shoot again it all compliments one another nicely.
Guns are the usual, nothing to fancy. Nice amount of gore in the game also, the executions are very gruesome and done well. Voice acting is nicely done also. All in all I was pleased with the single player, I haven't got a chance to play the other modes yet but I am sure they will just be icing on the bloody bloody cake.

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GF Rating



posted by Danstheman (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Feb 12, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Amazing Game with Amazing Comic style Graphics,Lots of Gore and Tons of Fun. The only downside to it is its short. But other then that Really great game. Definite Rent!

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Darkness II In Reflection

posted by KrakenAttack (FOREST HILL, MD) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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I have waited a long time to play The Darkness II and to be honest it's the reason why I started a membership with GameFly.
The 3D realistic texture from the first game is replaced with 2D textures, identical to the style used in Borderlands. I'm not a fan, I have my reasons, but it didn't ruin the game for me.
The serpent darkness arms return with some new features added: swarm and darkling throwing and some old powers lost: scouting and slithering.
Accompanying you is your british speaking, cat wearing darkling buddy that will assist in killing enemies with you. You will be able control him in first-person during spefic times in the game and in which you'llrely more on stealth and cover.
My favorite experience while playing The Darkness II comes from a scene in which you ride through an old amusment park haunted house, saying more will just spoil this spectacular and joyfull experience.
There are two endings to the game, none of which depend on prior choices and both are very fitting, although one will include hints of a sequel after the credits. The multiplayer is spectacular because even though it's not player versus player it accomadates every type of player. The co-op is four player co-op in which you can play online or offline with another controller. Better, you can play all multiplayer missions by yourself.
You can play as one of four stereotypes, each one with a special darkness enthused weapon and special skill tree.

Some people will play for the story, some for the bloody combat and more will play for both. While you can't compare it to Skyrim or Mess Effect 3, you can't deny this sequel to the sleeper hit of the early PS3/Xbox360 generation is fantastic. I have hopes for not only a sequel, but a film for this great character and more games from not only Top Cow, but Image and other comic publishers that aren't DC nor Marvel. Just remember, where living in a special time where we have an Avengers movie, the best Batman films and Walking De

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