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Very Good

Good but play the original first.

posted by BigDsnack (MIAMI, FL) Mar 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

Have you ever played the original Darkness? Made by Starbreeze, who's most recent title is Syndicate, The Darkness is one of the greatest games to be released on this console generation. It feels a lot like Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher Bay and Dark Athena and had a dark and brutal realistic atmosphere akin to the universe and comics, it is based upon. Unfortunately for 2K Games, none of the atmosphere and physicality of the original, is replicated in the sequel. This doesn't mean it is of poor quality, it is just apparent how different each is from the very start. The second just doesn't live up to the original. The new one is quite good though, its just very different, it is no longer a horror themed, emotionally poignant, semi open world, brutal shooter, but instead a very linear, high speed, graphic and action packed affair. The game is fun and very easy (i beat it 2 times in a week) but it does feel lacking especially in comparison to the original. Get the original, play it and really give it a chance, then when you finish it, try out the Darkness 2 and give it a spin. Its worth it for both, trust me, just make sure you know the story of the first before delving into the second because, if you don't you'll be entirely lost and the impactfullness of the story and the emotional substantiality of the quiet moments throughout will leave you scratching your heads which is unfortunate because those moments are what truly make the Darkness and the Darkness 2 special.

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GF Rating

Very Good

4 guns 1 cup

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 9, 2012

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Darkness 2 improved over the first in almost every way and I'm happy to say this was a really good 1P campaign and the new co-op has good depth and variety almost like L4D. The cheesy mob story about Jackie and his darkness powers are still here, but the focus should be on the awesome gameplay.

Darkness 1 was all over the place, having you spend WAY too much time as these little dark minions (which was my biggest complaint). They completely stripped that away and totally beefed up your firepower with quad wielding. You have 2 serpant arms which can do serious damage, and then the option of using dual weapons also.

The depth and customization is here, and the different skill trees give you all types of variety with leveling up your serpants, fire power, new moves, etc. Picture ripping off a car door with one serpant arm and using that like a riot shield, now you have 1 more deadly arm and 2 guns to totally destroy everyone in your way. You feel too powerful at times, but that's the point.

There is also 4P co-op, giving you the option of choosing between 4 characters, much like a Left for Dead or Dead Island. The great thing is you get new XP to develop all 4 of these totally unique characters in this new game mode, called VENDETTAS. It's a lot of fun, since each character has their own special weapons and moves.

The worst part about Darkness 2 is the same thing that, for me, killed the first---The story is just awful. Jackie is supposed to be this bad dude with dark powers, yet he cries about losing Jenny over and over and over again. Like a broken record, he does everything he can to get Jenny back, even though we all know she's been dead forever. He cries like a girl and becomes a weak teenage boy when her name gets brought up anywhere in the story.

New game+ lets you replay with all your stats, so there's plenty of replay value too. The co-op mode exceeded expectations so I'd highly recommend D2.

Milt Drucker

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GF Rating


Not a yawn BUT!

posted by MoSkillz (DETROIT, MI) Mar 8, 2012

Member since Mar 2007

To many super powered low-boss fights make it a quickly repetitive game. Good for a back-up game.

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