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crysis 2

posted by chucky5151 (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 26, 2014

Member since Dec 2012

did not like this game

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An entertaining, but troubled shooter.

posted by ernest1999 Nov 27, 2013

Crysis 2's immersive environment and relatively fun gameplay keep the score positive, but it falls flat slightly due to it's more linear focus, that limit the choices that you make. It's not quite as innovative and clever as it's excellent predecessor, but it manages to put you in a fun combat area.
It's quite distinct that this game focuses more on it's story than it's predecessor, but it delivers an overall cliche story with a quite weak and predictable twist. However, the focus is on the combat. It is satisfying, but it is a shame that it doesn't offer you more choices than it should due to it's relatively linear level design. Even though it's design is scaled down, there is a few improvements. The stealth mechanics feel smoother and more practical. Even the nanosuit feels more practical, considering it's various powers. Talking about powers, these powers are greatly implemented and fun to use. Would you be invisible and sneak behind enemy soldiers. Or would you activate your shield and go guns-blazing killing countless of enemies. The tactical mode allows you to make strategies marking your opponents with your binoculars. It's all your choice. However, as I said the choices do feel more limited than it's predecessor when it comes to approaching. The original Crysis allowed you to see the surroundings and analyze them more clearly, considering it's open world.
The multiplayer is generally fun, until you realize how people exaggerate using the cloak mode in combat. It becomes rather frustrating and it feels cheap. However, it's sometimes exciting and rewarding.
The visuals are breath-taking, oozing style on environments immersing you into the destructed New York.
Crysis 2's a blast to play, but also a disappointment decreasing choices with the linearity given and having some flaws in multiplayer. (7.8/10)

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GF Rating

Above Average

A very pretty Call of Duty clone

posted by negativeredo (ATLANTA, GA) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game is enjoyable but its just a spiritless imitation of Call of Duty. But by no means is it a bad game if your into play it but it play almost exactly like Call of Duty with the exception of the nano technology.

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