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Very Good

loved being fully cloaked

posted by fightclub1 (SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH) Apr 4, 2011

Member since Apr 2009

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This game was so much fun in campaign mode.The cloaking aspect was amazing. you didn't even cast a shadow when you were cloaked. it's that attention to details that made this game so much fun to play, you could armor up and go full commando or cloak and go stealth.The weapon choices were great.only wish you could carry more than two at a a time.the graphics were topnotch. wish the kill scenes were more graphic and varied. grabbing an enemy wasn't as smooth as it could have been,plus the only other thing i didnt like was the inability to save when you wanted.that lead to killing almost everyone and getting killed and having to start all over.other than that it's a great game.i actually played it completely through twice.can't wait for #3.

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posted by Brainberry (HAYWARD, CA) Mar 22, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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Originally a PC-only game, Crysis set high expectations for future games in the series by providing a flexible empowering experience. Though it seemed unlikely an equally impressive follow-up could be created on console, developer Crytek has delivered a sequel that captures many ideas of the original game, and implements a few new ones as well. But most importantly, Crysis 2 is just as visually impressive as its predecessor, even on PS3 and 360.

As hyped as the original game was, playing it is not a prerequisite for enjoying Crysis 2. Most of the controls have been changed completely, and this new chapter in the Crysis trilogy introduces a new protagonist (while short recaps fill in any story gaps you might've missed). None of those revisions, however, disrupt the creative gameplay moments or lush environment design that made so many people fall in love with Crysis.

Pro's: Beautiful Graphics (especially the use of lights)
Interesting story, Great Gameplay Mechanics , Expansive Multi Player(cod players beware, it takes skill to kill).

Cons: Framerate issues from time to time and a story mode that takes less then 15 hours to beat.

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Crysis 2’s single player campaign is phenomenal

posted by Shoot1st (HOUSTON, MO) Mar 22, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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My impression of Crysis 2’s single player campaign is phenomenal. The controls are smooth and reactive. The ability to change weapon attachments on the fly is amazing. This allows you to adept to any situation the AI will throw at you. Speaking of AI it is the best I have seen in a video game in a long time. It feels as if you where playing against human players. They think and act as a group and giving the chance they will flank your position and even set up ambushes. The levels load so seamlessly you lose track as to what level you are on. The ability to inject alien DNA to upgrade your modules, Tag bad guys with your visor tag system ( see a guy with a gun you want tag him and stalk him ) I have not gotten around to multiplayer but with a single player campaign this good I don’t care if MP turns out to be junk. The SP more than makes up for it. With guns, collectables, interactive objects to use against the enemy, and Smart AI Cyrsis 2 is one to get but don’t take my word for it Rent it and see for yourself

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