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Very Good

Awesome....but frustrating

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Apr 2, 2011

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The nanosuit does bring a different feel than your typical FPS. I really like the game. The campaign is enjoyable. The multiplayer is also fun. I think it is potentially worth buying (I did). However, you may want to rent first for 1 main reason. The multiplayer can be extremely frustrating as the hit detection is awful (the killcam indicates either lag or you are moving so fast with the nanosuit that what you see on screen does not match what the game was doing).

1) great graphics
2) nanosuit brings a different flavor

1) hit detection is awful in the multiplayer
2) did notice some framework issues and bugs (seems rushed a little)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Polished And Fun, Move Fast or Take It Slow

posted by jay419 (PRAGUE, OK) Mar 23, 2011

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I didn't play Crysis on PC but I watched some walkthroughs for it. Even though I didn't know much about the Crysis world, I liked playing this game. WAY better than Homefront which I finished the other day.


Pretty detailed game world. The skyscrapers eliminate a broad vista, but you really feel like you're in the city. Running up to a wall will reveal some smears and grain but from the first person perspective, the open-ended world is impressive. Shadows relative to the avatars and realistic lighting from the sun and explosions really confirms Crytech's innovation with the new game engine. And the destructible environment is cool too. I thought the aliens were a bit generic but they kind of match the concrete and steel battlefield.


Not as deep as I thought it would be but that may be good for everyone who didn't play the first game. There is a short prologue that doesn't say much but I didn't care much about the plot on this one. Just wanted to shoot and cloak and kill.


Seamless shooting, fast sprint and high jumping was nice. The most fun was cloaking and clubbing enemies up close, then sneak back to hiding. You could easily bypass some of the fight to get to checkpoints but the challenge of choosing what suit mode to use was fun in battles: the enemies can get heavy and you can cloak and flank them or use max armor and go head on.
The helmet has scanning binoculars, and heat vision for dark areas. I liked the need to use all the components to plan your attack and defense. Customize weapons in-game(scopes, silencer etc.) The whole game moves conveniently quick. No need to pull up a menu to change things.


I'm a bit tired of alien shooters but this one was fun. I DIDN'T get angry even though the AI can be tough. The suit is a cool concept and the shooting mechanics work very well. While so many games get complaints from me, Crysis 2 was pretty satisfying.

HINT if energy gets low, stop moving 4 a second.

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One of the BEST SP GAMES!

posted by usak90 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Apr 11, 2012

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Definitely one of the best and most memorable single player campaigns I have played in a VERY long time. I played the two previous version, and they're awesome as well, but this one was just something different entirely. I actually went and bought the game just so I can replay the Single Player campaign (IT REALLY IS WORTH IT!). It's not your typical run and gun shooter, but rather, it requires A LOT of strategic thinking, planning and executing. It took me about 15-20 hours to beat it. The SP is a heck lot better than COD or BF3, but the multiplayer does feel weak, and I wasn't really too into it. You get games like BF 3 and COD for multiplayer, but you get this game to play an enjoyable and memorable single player experience. And when I say memorable, I really mean it. Other SP campaigns may be fun, but you probably won't remember most of it. Whereas in Crysis 2, there was a lot of levels that I just want to keep replaying because they were so awesome!

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