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EA Rushes another game too quickly

posted by Elderelsak (CEDAR CITY, UT) Jun 10, 2011

Member since Sep 2008

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Crysis 2 is a great shooter no question. But the fact remains that it just feels unfinished, which is WAY too common in anything plagued with the EA emblem.

In all truth had this not been titled Crysis I would have given it a 8-9, but as good as Crysis 1 was, I feel required to judge this game based on Crysis 1. The suit feels a lot less powerful in this game, and the astonishing lack of refinement on the AI makes me have to knock 3 points off this game. At times i found the AI walking in circles, into walls (and in one level able to spot you perfectly in a pitch black room), or my favorite, the AI flocking to me while I was in stealth.

Dont get me wrong, Crysis 2 is a great game, and i would recommend my friends to at least rent it, I just feel bad that such great games are always rushed and feel unfinished by EA's lack of patience to let the developers develop and refine their work.

Story: 8/10 (Easy to follow and simple)
Gameplay: 9/10 (Same Crysis 1 feel to it, and everything works)
Graphics 10/10 (Even on the 360 this game is beautiful)
AI: 3/10 (The AI programming is complete rubbish)
EA: 0/10 (EA seems to ruin anything it publishes)

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posted by RMVTerrell (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

33 out of 52 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

this game is absolutely amazing. the graphics are so realistic, the campaign is just breath taking, and the multiplayer. God the multiplayer is just so freakin addictive. think of the multiplayer like this. its like modern warfare 2 BUT without the campers, without the noob toobs, with better graphics, with more perks, and you can basically pro the perks 3 times. not only that, the controls and the way the game works is just so cool and addicting!

basically like a halo/cod hybrid, but with everything that was not good those games out.

if this review still does not tempt you to buy the game, then at least rent it.

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posted by Ericnation (HATTIESBURG, MS) Apr 17, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

17 out of 27 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

From the beginning to end your engrossed in the new and classic features that crysis 2 offers. The best of which, the suit control, has been simplified to encourage different tactics. The graphics are probably the best seen on xbox and the level of immersion your placed into from start to end just astonished me. RENT THIS FROM GameFly asap or miss out on this years best shooter.

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