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posted by mackado (HARTSELLE, AL) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

the game is OK but there are 2 tings i do not like. first the graphics. there AWFUL. you charachter is so small. the backgrounds are overly detailed and enimeys blend in with it. and the charachters lack animations. like at the begining when korkorko gets kidnaped in the pc version you coul see torkorko yelling in the bubble. in this one she just goes in there looking just like she does the intire game. and character models look AWFUL. the other thing is the controlls. they just SUCK. get the free PC version its much better.

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posted by dr_octagonapus (SOUTH LYON, MI) Aug 5, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

this game totally had me going "o meh gawd!" every time I got to a new area. the game play wus all like: if u fall u might die intantly! also I think sue iz HOT! XD What kept me from giving dis a 10 iz da BRUTAL diffaculty of the bosses called monster X and the undead core. other than that, the wepons were AWESOME! ( like, seriously, when u aim down and fire with a level 3 machine gun, u can float. U CANT BEAT DAT!!!) the game play was great, and the graphics were WAY better than the origanal. All in all, this game is better off bought than rented

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Very Good

Nice to give it a try

posted by alex1609 (WESTON, FL) Apr 12, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I played the PC version and went all the way through. After having this game for two days I didn't really want to keep playing it. However, I give the game a good score so other people give it a try, specially those who haven't had the chance to play any other version before it (there are WiiWare and eShop versions too).

Plot: CaveStory has a really good story. It is also played out simply and fittingly into the game without major cut scenes or videos. This gives the feel that you're actually participating in it and due to the adorable characters you can easily find yourself rooting for the good guys to win. For me, t's the game's selling point.

Graphics: Ok, 3D and everything the game really still feels like a 2D game. It is nice to see a 2D plattformers with such nice graphics, but given this is a 3D system, you need to kick it up a notch for this game being worth the conversion. Also, the classic paper-like mode that uses the original sprites in the 3D background is even more out of place. It would have been better to spice it up with 3D explosions and stuff.

Sound: This games music is cool. Really. To me, it makes it more amazing to know that initially just one person made the whole game and this port is just repeating what he did. Also, the sound effects really fit the game's atmosphere.

Gameplay: Well, this game was made for a PC and playing it in the 3DS didn't feel bad tough it felt underdeveloped. Having six buttons to map and a second screen, it was tough to make it feel like this port belonged to the system. However, the game plays just fine and the idea of using the four buttons in two pairs of different settings is well played. The touch screen gets enough attention as the inventory, but it would've been better to be allowed to use it without having to pause.

If you haven't played CaveStory before, give it a try. It's worth your time. However, I'm not sure I'd recommend it for buying as you can play most of it for free on your PC.

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