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Cookie Cutter? Yeah. Amazing? Yeah

posted by Whitej40 (BIG RAPIDS, MI) Oct 7, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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The most common thing haters of this game will say is that it felt the entire time like they were playing GoW, or something to that effect. To a point a really do believe this to be true. Castlevania is truly a cookie cutter game. Better than Dante's Inferno, short of GoW.

The graphics for this game are simply amazing. Some of the best I've seen to date on the 360 console. Beautiful landscapes and intriguing monsters make this a visual feast.

Gameplay does tend to get a bit repetitive, going through the motions of button mashing X and Y and dodging much like the GoW series. But with a HUGE game length you can't really complain about using a rent on it. Myself, I rented it, and decided to keep it!

The main thing I guess to say is that yes, it is very similar to games you've played before, and games you've loved. It's a different story with some pretty sweet graphics. The way I view it, if you liked GoW and Dante's Inferno, give Castlevania at least a rent. Don't hold it to expectations that it's going to knock you out of your normal hack'n'slash games, just enjoy the game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A solid game.

posted by abloobudoo (MESA, AZ) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

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First impression of this game: "God of War ripoff." But boy was I super wrong.

Visuals: First of all let me say that everything you lay your eyes on is phenomenal. There's no awful texture loading, or bland areas, none of that. The environments are teeming with life whether it be the living, or the nonliving. There is a theme to every chapter. From the graphics themselves, to the FANTASTIC scenery and level design, to the awesome looking back drops, visually this game is awesome.

Gameplay: There is a lot of game in this game. The combat is deep and expansive. Every button does something and it really never gets overwhelming. Kojima did an awesome job mixing up this game with the pace. One moment you'll be fighting hordes of the hundreds of enemies in this game and the next you'll be spending 30 minutes on some of these puzzles they ever so delightfully threw in there. These puzzles are not made for 12 year olds people. The boss battles in this game are of epic proportions from vampire lords to titans. Each and every one is intimidating and has their own way to defeat them.

Audio: Nothing phenomenal like the frostbite engine, but definitely nothing atrocious like Brink or Homefront. There's no latency in the cutscenes. The voice acting is a little, "eh" but when Gabriel slams his weapon into enemies or walls or whatever, it is always brutal.

Overall: This is a solid game. I mean there were some glitches but not bad ones. Like one of them, towards the end, some of the enemies didn't spawn (fine by me). And at times the camera does get thrown off but nothing horrible. There are two discs to this game, there are a lot of collectables to upgrade your character, and you can even go back to previous levels and do the trials and get some more collectables you couldn't get earlier. Yes the weapon for the main character is a flaming chain weapon, yes there are cinematic kills, yes there are puzzles. Definitely God of War inspired, but I will call this game "origi

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GF Rating

Very Good

good game, no complaints

posted by 3toedninja (BROWNSVILLE, TX) Dec 15, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I took sometime to play Castlevania LOS and keep in mind that i did not finish it because i wanted to get to some of the other games i had in my Q.

Pros - expansive environment stages with a lot to see. Puzzles in game not too hard to figure out.

Cons - very long game to be considered as a rental. Gameplay controls feels much like a hack and slash button masher

Recommendations - i would recommend to rent and see if you like it but strongly encourage that if you do, be prepared to commit some time to this one for it has a lot to do.

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