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Very Good


posted by Cheezr (LANTANA, FL) Apr 18, 2013

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Member since Sep 2008

at least for me the point of gaming is to have fun and this latest Castelvania was a lot of fun. I was surprised because i did not like the last one but this one is good looking, plays well and although it can get a little tedious if you play too many hours in a row, is really a lot of fun.


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Decent but leaves you wanting more

posted by Mikey2x4 (LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Mirror of Fate has a lot to live up to being a 2D handheld Castlevania game. There has been years of great Metroidvania titles that came before that will no doubt be in people's minds as they play through the game. And while it's admirable that Mercury Steam wanted to do something of their own, it's a hard sell to the portable Castlevania devoted.

The main issue is telling the stories through three characters, but never really letting the player sink into any one of them. As soon as you find all of the gear for one character, you're moved on to the next.

The final act of the game is the strongest, but again, due to such a short amount of time with the characters, you're left wanting more by the time the credits roll.

A focus on only one character would have made the game feel better as well as an option for an entire castle map. Only getting the map for the section that you're currently in is rough. Especially when you're trying to get 100% completion.

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A solid 'prequel' to the upcoming game

posted by EmoChips (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Apr 13, 2013

Member since Aug 2007

As you might know the next Castlevania Lords of Shadows game will be releasing for the 360 and PS3 in an upcoming future. If you've seen the trailer you know there are characters like Alucard featured in it. Well you won't really get to know Alucard and Simon further until you play this game. And it's a very solid game at that.

-Metroidvania- sidescrolling Metroidvania titles are a classic, and this one tries to bring back the days of past. And it does a solid job at it. Not perfect but solid.

- Characters- Simon, Alucard, Trevor and Gabriel are fantastic characters. They all have that thick scottish-like accent that makes them even more b to the a.

-Combat: The combat can definitely be fun once you reach later levels and unlock the cooler maneuvers in the game.

-Graphics: I forget this is a 3DS but this alongside the 3D makes for a very beautiful game, and the cellshaded cutscenes are fantastic.

- Backtracking: This is more of a personal preference but if you're gonna make somebody backtrack quite a lot, at least make it so it's not terribly far away, or make it an option. I found myself backtracking quite a lot and it got annoying at times.

-No multiple items- Basically each character gets two magical powers and two items. It'd be nice to able to choose our items instead of having each having their own.

-Some of the boss fights- A couple of the BF are kind of cheap. As in not too terribly fun


-The 'twist'- there's a twist in the story and the established idea of characters in here, outside of Simon being Trevor's son. It's hinted pretty heavily since the beginning so I don't know who they were trying to misdirect.

-Alucard- He has the weakest/most useless magic powers. His is the hardest playthrough due to how bad they are.

Conclusion- A solid title worth playing if you liked LoS and are looking forward to the sequel.

Buy/Rent- I'd say rent. I've invested about 5 or 6 hours and I'm 2/3 done with the ga

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