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Is this MW2 or MW3? I can't tell...

posted by kerska (LEWISVILLE, TX) Apr 29, 2012

Member since Aug 2009

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Well...I finally got around to playing that game and it was pretty much what I expected it to be: the same game as all the others. Different skins on top of the same formula with minor changes.

Graphics are great and the game looks and runs awesome on Xbox. The sound is pretty bland though. All the guns sound pretty much the same and explosions lack power. It all kinda feels generic and plastic in my opinion.

The campaign was fun but was the same action level/sniper level/vehicle level/action level formula as all the others. Call of Duty is great at building over the top action pieces in their games, but they never stray from their formula.

Multiplayer hasn't changed either. I've never been a fan of the perks because it makes the game feel way to arcade-y, but I do like what they did with the killstreak system and the support package letting the killstreaks stack up over your deaths. I'll only get into multiplayer when playing on hardcore, but the maps on this game are tiny and I feel like I'm just running around in the same circle looking for members of the opposite team because majority of the players favor camping and no one wants to work as a team. Plus you still have to deal with that dang quick-scope and all the other nonsense that people do. Obviously the development team favors this kind of junk and supports the ridiculous stuff that goes on in multiplayer to take away from a lot of people's experience.

But I'm glad I didn't buy this game and kept it on my Gamefly even though it took a few months to get it. I see nothing has changed, and with the official announce of Black Ops 2 it's apparent that the publishers and developers are planning on running this money train straight into the ground. Hopefully people will eventually wise up to the fact that they are playing the same original Call of Duty, it's just been re-skinned several times over.

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posted by PliskinSIN (KAPOLEI, HI) Nov 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2006

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That's it, just bad. Maps are tiny. Feels like you are wearing a 100lbs rucksack on your back the whole time, i think they do this because since the maps are small they figure by slowing down people it'll be okay. Granted it has good things going for it. But over all it is just the same game i played last year and the same game that will come out next year. What happened Call of Duty?

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posted by Whoop365 (EVANSVILLE, IN) Jan 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

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Just another copy of call of duty 4, but with different guns, less life, more windows, and less content so they can sell maps over the next year for more than they sold the game.

If you like fps online, it's the best out there, but not because it's the best, because of the name, and because they can rip us off for 4 years straight.

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