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GF Rating

Very Good

Doesn't Feel Like A Game

posted by ReviewsFromMe (SPARKS, NV) Nov 14, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I got this game and I really dont feel as if this a whole new game. To me it feels like someone put CoD: Black Ops and MW2 in a bowl and mixed them together. Guns have a lot more recoil than on MW2.

As for customization, I think they did a fairly good job. Adding the new Strike Package (Killstreak) types.

Assault: For the basic lone ranger type person
Support: For the "Team Player"
Specialist: For the more tactical person.

Also adding the weapon proficiencies made some of the guns a little more bearable.

If you are an avid MP5 user, its a must to use kick. Or else that gun will bounce all over the place.

Overall, I think its an mediocre game. If Activision keeps this up, the franchise will not last much longer.

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GF Rating


Campain/Spec ops good, online is aweful

posted by paul83 (KENOSHA, WI) Nov 14, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

First just let me say that I liked bot the campain and the spec ops missions and the new survival mode.
As for the online its a huge let down. Nothing new really except the maps (which arent great), a few new guns (some just new names same old gun), the kill cams never show what happend on your screen. Seems to be a line of sight issue at times, you will be say sniping and cant see someone yet but on they see you and when you watch the killcam you were right there in there vision but couldnt see them. ALSO let me add that its the same engine from MW2 so all the stupid hacks and cheats are back and more then ever. Less then a week in and its insane the amount of exploiting thats going on. I didnt care for black ops, but I already traded this game in at gamestop and am back on black ops. HUGE LETDOWN from a company that put ZERO EFFORT into the online just ported MW2 and shined it up.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A good ending to a great series

posted by boredbren (SCHENECTADY, NY) Nov 14, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

This game was not great, but it was solid. The multiplayer is still addictive, and it wraps up any "narrative" the previous two games had put together. The campaign comes in at 5 hours which is extremely short, but hey, this is for the online aspect anyways.

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