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Great failure.

posted by Srebnygryf (GALLOWAY, NJ) Nov 13, 2011

Member since May 2007

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Ok the best game just went down to garbage. I am returning my copy and getting my money back.
The graphics are very nice, guns are nice.
The campaign was the bomb and captivating to the last mission.
The downfall of it is the same problem with online game.
First there is the server migration not often as MW2 but still there, the server match making is still horrible. When I quit a match it put me back to it 3! times to the same game. The difference when I am level 25 and then put in a match where everyone is level 70 and above. Then there is spawn campers by the dozen.
Other thing that kills the game is the COD Elite and what ever that is. When I entered the online menu in the game a pop up window asked to download it. That's is it, how greedy can you get, the best selling game and there offering better service for paid subscription where they should give the fans something free for their loyalty.

Battlefield 3 takes this year top spot.

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yet again

posted by twiztedwicked1 (BEECH ISLAND, SC) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Remember when shooting games took skill and it wasn't about who had the biggest explosives? I have always hated the squirtgun fight known as the COD franchise but I enjoyed the challenge of hardcore search and destroy. It took some sort of skill if you could avoid the under barrel grenade launcher at the beginning (or spawn tubing) but then on this pathetic remake of every other COD game they bring in the fully automatic grenade launcher. Are you serious? Now there is no fun left to the game at all but for some reason they still included the hardcore game modes. Now the map packs that have been the same layout for every single one of there games just with different scenery require you to pay $60 for a 12 dlc subscription to get 1 or 2 things when they decide to give it to you is just dumb. This rip off they call a subscription is also giving other companys the idea that they should do this as well. 1/5 better games with cheaper DLC with more for less!

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posted by hatwearingmann (SAN JACINTO, CA) Nov 8, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

22 out of 41 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

"Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 DLC" is really underselling this game. The game may be on the same engine and very close to MW2, but that doesn't mean it is bad. I believe Infinity Ward kept in on the game engine because people liked MW2's gameplay style, so why not just keep it that way?

Now onto the game.
The campaign takes off from MW2's story,which was amazing. MW3's campaign aspects have you sucked into the story and you feel like you are there. You feel how the characters feel, like if a comrade dies you feel sorrow.
The campaign gets a 100% from me.

The multiplayer is okay.
People keep saying it's exactly like MW2 online,when it really isn't. There are TONS of new features,weapons, and killstreaks. Multiplayer is addictive and a blast to play.

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