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Amazing Game. A Must-Play for all.

posted by Slickshot (GANSEVOORT, NY) Oct 22, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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This game summed up in one word is amazing. The gameplay is fantastic, complete with guns, melee, grenades, anything you'd expect from most FPS titles.

The game is sort of like a World of Warcraft style shooter. This means you get a quest, do what the quest tells you to do, then turn it in at the quest-giver. Although through this process you're blowing off enemy heads as well. Also like WoW is the use of a talent specialization system, which allows you to choose a specific class (Soldier, Hunter, Siren, and an All-Out Brute who specializes in melee and explosive weapons like shotguns and grenade launchers. Once a class is chosen, each level you get after level 5 lets you put a point into a skill, which are unique to the class that you have chosen and help significantly in your quest.

The game, unfortunately starts out a little slow for my liking, but that is just there to show you how to play the game pretty much, with easy quests to show you the game mechanics. Although, once you get out of the first question zone, Fyrestone, the game really starts to pick up.

This game has no difficulty levels, although, when you play through the game after the first time, the enemies do get slightly tougher, and their names change as well. The game even with no difficulty levels can still be stuff at times, when challenged by a lot of enemies at once.

This game looks really great. The graphics are slightly cartoony, but like most people say you don't even realize it once you start playing it for a little while, and the cartoony graphics give the game it's own unique feel as well. The animations look really good, and their are over 300,000 guns easily that are totally unique. It is rare that you will come across an upgrade at higher levels, but when you do it's usually a big one. You end up selling most of the guns that you get to various vendors around the Borderlands.

The story does end a bit short though. Still a great game. Get it.

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Get Your Hands on Borderlands.

posted by Brumak4eva (TRENTON, FL) Oct 20, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

91 out of 116 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I will go ahead and state this: Borderlands is an amazing game. If you've been following it, you've undoubtedly heard the "Role-Playing Shooter" promo.

Well, Gearbox achieves this formula perfectly.

It truly does feel as if an RPG and a FPS had a baby. An awesome, insanely-addicting baby. Now, a lot of people will go into Borderlands and want to compare it to Fallout 3. Please, drop those future comparisons - now. This is not Oblivion with guns. No, this is Borderlands, and it will blow your mind.

As for what's in the actual game (and not just me ranting over its greatness), from what I've seen so far, I'm very impressed. Gameplay-wise, Gearbox really put some extra time into making this an extremely smooth experience. The controls seem a little tacky at first, but you'll adjust - I actually prefer them over other first-person shooters. In my four hour session (no, I haven't beat it) I didn't notice any glitches or mishaps, which is pretty incredible, considering Borderlands is an open-world game. I'm sure it’s not totally free of bugs, but I was thoroughly impressed. I should tell you, dear reader, that I did not get the chance to play online. I was too busy enjoying the local co-op - an addition that means so much to me, it's almost worth a recommendation by itself. I mean, my buddies and I completed the Resistance: Fall of Man campaign in split-screen 17 times. Basically, my point is if you've got a fellow couch potato who enjoys gaming as much as you do, you need to buy this game - definitely a fun experience.

To my disappointment, I was unable to test out co-op through LAN, as none of my friends have purchased Borderlands yet. I'm sure it works as flawlessly as any other aspect of the game though.

I should've waited to write this review, but I couldn't help it. I'm already hooked on Borderlands.

If you've got any lick of sense and an extra $65 laying around (presuming taxes) you should already be on your way to pick up this amazing game.

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I do not say this lightly...

posted by Jaroid (SIMI VALLEY, CA) Oct 20, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

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A little bit of Call Of Duty, a little bit Fallout 3, a lot of Diablo, the multiplayer fun and accessibility of Left 4 Dead, and an amazing cell shaded art style that I have never seen done so well.
WARNING: If you don't love LOOT, then this game is not for you.
I have been waiting for this game my entire life, and it is finally here. A while back I thought Hellgate London was going to be like this, but it was a huge letdown - but now Borderlands is here and my insatiable appetite for loot and headshots is finally quenched... with friends. The co-op is what really sends this one up to being a 100% awesome five-star game. I would write more, but I have some leveling to do.

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