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What else can be said?

posted by TheMouth (BRYAN, TX) Aug 21, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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I'm a very picky guy when it comes to games, I'll play almost anything once but I'll only buy a game if it keeps me up all nite long while I play it and after I am dragged away from the controller because I haven't eaten in days I can't stop thinking about the game.. That is what this game did!

Call of Duty 4, beat in four hours. Call of Duty 6, beat in two hours. Halo 3, beat in a couple of days (came out when I was in college). The list goes on really and those three get called amazing all the time but to me Borderlands tromps them into nothingness. I quickly sent the game back so I could buy the game and I love it.

The first time I went up against 9 Toes I felt like I was a kid playing on my NES against an end level game boss that was overpowered but I was determined to beat him and his three balls, and the same goes for the rest of the bosses. I couldn't wait to get to them.

I just wish my internet was a bit better so I can play online, dang budget internet.

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Good Game

posted by Altair123 (DANVILLE, KY) Sep 14, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Overall borderlands is a well balanced first person shooter RPG,

Each class has there own ability's and the higher level you get the more and more perks you will obtain, each character also has there own choice of gun but any vocation can use any guns, but for example you will want to use a sniper rifle as a Hunter because the abilitys or "perks" that you unlock are things like "increase sniper rifle damage" and "increased critical hit damage" (head shots) , each class also has there own special ability's, for a Siren you can phasewalk making you invisible to your enemy's and increasing your speed, with your phasewalk boosted up you can do things like deal damage to enemy's in the phasewalk range, and daze enemy's making them less accurate when shooting. As a Hunter you special abilitys is a eagle (Bloodwing) that soars toward your enemy's and swoops down for a lethal strike, you can boost your bloodwing to catch enemy's on fire when it strikes, or any other damage for that matter, you can increase the amount of enemys bloodwing will strike at, and much more, remember the higher the level, the more ability's your specialty will have, As a Soldier you have a turret, which shoots down your enemy's, you can boost your turret to regain you and your teams life or ammo, you can also boost it up to shoot missiles at your enemy's, As a Berserk your speacil ability is basically fist fighting your enemys, you can boost this to regain health, daze enemys, and much more.

Berserk - Character name Brick - A classic big BEAST, main weapons for a berserk is shotguns and rocket launchers , melee attack is a pipe, Berserk has the most health of any vocation.

Hunter - main weapons revolvers and sniper rifles, melee attack is a sword

Siren - Pretty much the "Mage" of borderlands, focused weapons are SMG's and repetive pistols, melee is a "force push" like magic

Soldier - Main weapons are assault riffles and shot guns, Melee is a simple knife

The Bad - short story , simple quest

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I Lost Many Hours of Sleep thanks to this Game

posted by xRASHx (WOODBURY, TN) Nov 5, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

73 out of 84 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

All I can say is that this game is Awesome, and the only reason I did not give it a 10 was for the story. I felt it was lacking, just a little, but lacking nontheless. I am the type of player that plays a game in storymode, and if there is no multiplayer, then I am usually done with the game. Not the case with Borderlands at all. When I beat it I could not wait to play it some more, an I'm currently on my second playthrough. This is a must play title, and is a great break from most of the games that have been released.

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