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At least as good as the first!

posted by Flanman111 (FAIRPORT, NY) Mar 26, 2013

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Well I would like to start off by saying that I loved this game. Its not that I dont like change but I hate when I get a sequel and am let down and feeling like I'm playing a whole new game. Borderlands 2 too brings me a nostalgic joy quite the opposite of this type of disappointment. The game feels very fluid and the mechanics vary similiar to the first game, This allowedme to learn and devolope a playing style quickly. The game is noticably larger than the first game too. I did all side quest and It took me probly close to 40 hours. I enjoyed every second of it too. The game really is vast. The selection of guns is also unbeilveable, I would say this game has more variety in the weopons then any game I have played. It also has many great roleplaying elements such as a superb treasure and enemy looting system, including random rare weopons and items. I wouldn't say the story is great but then it isnt really ment to be. It is however funny at times. The main story is fairly long too and never stays in one place to long or feels repetitive. There are also many side quests that I had a great time with. Also even though I only played as the commando there are three other character choices as well giving the game some extra replay value. I also feel I would be leaving out a great part if i didnt mention the co-op. The co-op in borderlands 2 i awsume. You can invite a friend right into your game and get more ememys and loots for doing it! If you like shooters and/or rpg's you would be doing yourself a disservice to miss this game.


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posted by Itzz_HK (CHRISTIANSBURG, VA) Mar 24, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I bought this game on release date, beat it within 3 and continued to play it. I bought the season pass and have all the DLC. Combined with the first Borderlands, I have put so much time into this franchise (days upon days of playtime). This is definitely worth more than a rental.

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96.5% more Wub Wub

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Sep 17, 2012

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Member since Apr 2010

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The first Borderlands held a special place in my heart, its extremely addicting loot finding, the co-op, the skill trees and best of all, the quests. Gearbox has unleashed the sequel and its better than the first in every way. Here's my verdict:

The Good:

-Graphics: Pandora still looks amazing, alot of new places add some color to the old grey color we were used to in the 1st one.

-87 Bazillion guns: They weren't lying....there's a lot of guns in this game, every loot drop is different and could potentially be better than what you have equipped and that's an awesome feeling and keeps the game fun.

-Side Quests: While the Story itself is great on its own, the side quests steal the show, the amount of them is one thing, but whats inside is what makes them incredible. Some consist of parody's of popular franchises others are just friggen hilarious.

-Holy time consuming video games Batman!: Good luck cranking this game out in a day, Gearbox put A LOT of stuff to do, the Story itself will probably last you 30 hours on its own, with the side quests and other distractions? Lets just say you wont be showing up for work or school anytime soon.

The MEH:

-Catch A Ride: The Runner from Borderlands had rough handling and the bounced off walls like crazy...Well the Runner returns and the new Party Truck also feel wonky and the most you'll do with them is just driving to your next quests...not enough shooting with 'em.

The Bad:

-Not really any Wub Wub: Im perfectly fine with it, but Claptrap was a little disappointed.

Note: Didn't have enough room to put how great Co-op is and the how lack of level balancing make it annoying to play with higher/lower leveled friends.

Overall: Tons of content, loot finding is extremely fun, Great story and Side quests, Pandora is a gorgeous place with not so gorgeous people, Clap Trap(Interplanetary Ninja Assassin) is my new best friend. Its a BUY.

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