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worst fps

posted by TW2N (BRONX, NY) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

20 out of 23 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

this game looks good but the gameplay makes it a terrble fps. The graphics are good and the map layouts are great. The game made me wish i could play it with better gameplay styles similar to other fps. aiming is difficult to control and to hit targets. aiming is no different from just hip firing. i wouldnt recoomend this game for someone to play or rent.the whole tme playing this game i was saying who the f would make the controls like done!

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This game belongs in the trash

posted by BlackDahlia656 (GILLETTE, WY) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

i just got this game shipped to me today and ive only played it for about 30 minutes and its definately one of the worst shooters ive ever played. the enemies are just plain stupid. they can throw a gernade at you when theyre not even facing your direction and it will always land perfectly at your feet with no sound to warn you. in the description it says it aims to redifine fps games. with that the biggest problem is you cant move while aiming down the sights, what were they thinking when they did that!? in any fps game you should be able to aim and move thats a huge part of these types of games. i saw some review and they all said its a terrible game but i thought id just try it out since i cant seem to get the games i really want when they come out even if i put them in my Q way in advance. and i can tell you that it was a huge mistake renting this i will usually play a game just for the achievements but this one is going right back. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU NOT TO EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS TRASH!!!! WORST GAME EVER!!

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GF Rating



posted by SnowOkami (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Sep 1, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

21 out of 27 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I thought this game was going to be good seeing how so many people hyped it on being the successor of Black.


-Campaign is only 3 hours (Worse than SW: TFU2)
-AI is so dumb they often kill themselves with grenades or run away from you
-Many scenarios you are in a room filled with a bunch of mobs who will all start shooting at once, dropping the frame rate to the toilet and causing such a massive mess on the screen you can't see whats going on and die instantly
-There is no way of gauging your life bar, you just randomly die. Some enemies kill you quicker than others, but you have no way of knowing that until your hit with instant death
-Checkpoints are horrible, often times something I mentioned above will happen and the game will punish you by sending you back to the beginning of the area you were in
-The grading system is completely up in the air, I have no idea how it works or what its grading you based on but I couldn't get anything better than a C even when I went without dying and blew away anyone that stood in my way
-Everything in the game screams generic, the voice acting the models, the levels etc

I could go on and on. It's not even worth the rental, I didn't even bother with the multiplayer because everyone else says its worse than the campaign.

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