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Needs alot of work

posted by IAmWarrior21 (PLAINFIELD, IL) Sep 20, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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I was fairly disappointed in the execution in this game. The game in NOT like any other shooter I've ever seen, restricting your ability to aim down your iron sights, giving enemy's a huge amount of health, and no way of telling your own health.
Bodycount is a game that doesn't have a storyline, puts a gun in your hands, and lets you shoot at things. And I'm alright with that. But when they take the thing your supposed to do, shoot people in a mad frenzy, and make it incredibly difficult, it starts to get very frustrating.
Other than a almost impossible shooting system, enemies that can take a grenade to the face, and a false sense of achievements, (When you start up the 2nd mission, you get a 50G achievement) this game could have come out pretty well. Codemasters wanted to make a shooter like no other, and they sure did, but in a bad way. Its worth picking up and giving a try, though

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posted by Alessa (JOHNSTON, RI) Sep 2, 2011

Member since Apr 2008

43 out of 49 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

an FPS where you can't aim and move at the same time, nuff said, this game is complete garbage. I tried multiplayer too, sat in a full lobby with everyone "ready" for 20 mins and the game never started. Don't even waste a rent on this one guys.

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Not That Bad!

posted by ruland (RENSSELAER, NY) Jun 20, 2012

Member since Jul 2008

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First off for all the boosters this game is a fun play through with an average shooter's game length. On easy I netted 575 gamers just playing it.

For everyone else out there this game is not as bad as they say. I'll keep it simple. It's not Gears, COD, or anything like any of the other high profile games out there. The other reviewers are right in saying that it does play very "Arcadey". Also as everyone is saying there is a pretty thin plot line.

The controls are pretty standard shooter fare however there are two HUGE differences. There is no true iron sight. You just aim with a reticule and all you can do is zoom into a closer reticule by pressing left trigger HALF WAY. This didn't bother me at all but being over 30 years old I've lived in a world that didn't always have iron sights. Second notice above I said HALF trigger. Thats because full trigger locks your character in place without being able to move. Many people say it's BS but I kind of thought it was a cool mechanic. With your character locked you can stand, crouch behind cover, and lean around cover to shoot your enemies.

I really had a good time playing this game because the gun mechanics are great. The weapons feel like they have weight to them and it's nice you don't really need to worry about ammo. This game wants you to spray the lead. There aren't many guns to choose from but there is a decent variety minus a sniper rifle.

The graphics I thought were really quite good. I mean it's not Rage or Crysis but it definitely had a Borderlands feel to it which is far from a bad look.

All in all this game was a fun play through. It encourages you to blow stuff up, spray lead, and shred through sheet metal and wood to destroy your enemy. If you are a shooter fan in between games right now and want a quick stress reliever try this game out. I would have kept it if it was co-op split screen.

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