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Down Under the Sea

posted by codemasterxx Oct 7, 2014

By the time I'm writing this review; all the BioShock games up to Infinite are out. BioShock Review: Scenario: You are a mysterious individual on a plane, suddenly that very plane plummets into the sea below and, to save your life, you swim to a nearby structure. This leads to Rapture; an underwater city created by Andrew Ryan; a man who doesn't believe in boundaries or sharing your good fortune. Rapture has however become corrupt and is filled with monsters, super powers, and a multitude of strong weapons and profound side characters. As you enter Rapture you're introduced to your omnipotent guide; a mysterious man known only as Atlas. He enlists your help to save his wife and child. Gameplay: You start out with a wrench and the gene tonic (super power) electric shock. You work up to a rifle, flame thrower, shotgun, etc..., you also get new gene tonics that increase your strength, hacking ability (allows you to override turrets, security cameras, vending machines, etc...), and super powers like incinerate, winter storm, and insect swarm. Graphics: While the graphics have good polish, and are greatly designed, the colors are usually very dull and it adds a sense of creepiness to the game, which is exactly what this title was going for! Creepy shit! Big monsters in tin suits with drills for hands! Sound: BioShock doesn't have much music, adding to the extreme creepy atmosphere. The sound effects for the vending machines, monsters (especially the big daddy's wail) sound very creepy and add a sense of impending doom. The voice acting for the main characters is extremely good! Andrew Ryan's dialect sends chills down my spine! Replay value: There isn't much replay value with this one, but you can choose the fate of a certain breed of monster. There are a few difficulty levels, and I recommend normal (it says "you've played other shooters") Score: 89/100

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posted by xthexcoonxx (MARKSVILLE, LA) Apr 8, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

One of my favorite games

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posted by meb730 (HENDERSON, CO) Sep 3, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

I played this and beat it to make sure I was not missing something, but I don't get all the hype. The graphics were averaged at best and the story was interesting, but it was hard to hear the audio tapes. Maybe back in 2008 this was impressive, but playing it in 2013 with other developers using the PS3 to it's max I was just not impressed with the visuals.

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