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Beautifully twisted, wonderfully unique.

posted by VonNapalm (MANOR, TX) Aug 21, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

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From the moment you step foot into Rapture, you are enthralled. A city created for a free thinking society by a man disgusted with government pity. As quickly as you are mesmerized by the art deco styling and grandeur of this once was utopia, you delve deeper into it's bowels and see first hand the nightmarish cityscape it has become.

"Splicers" roam the corridors of the city looking for their next fix of ADAM. They are what is left of the people. Freakishly mutated by the ADAM. And ADAM is what it is all about. It is the substance that is in all of the inhabitants. It is what you must obtain to alter your DNA and become a walking genetic weapon.

Then there are the Little Sisters. Children of Rapture that, through experimentation, are imbued with a parasite that urges them to harvest ADAM from the corpses littered throughout the city. They are protected by the Big Daddies. Behemoths in antique dive suits. They are the muscle in Rapture and will guard the Little Sisters to the death. Most often, yours.

This game is stunning in EVERY respect. The attention to detail is second to none. From the amazing lighting that will have you jumping as it gives you the slightest peeks at the macabre setting, to the sounds that you will hear toying with your hearing. You will wonder if you heard a Splicer sneaking through the shadows, or your cat in the kitchen.

This game is an experience to be savored. A shooter like nothing else ever made. In the world of gaming we deal with devs that are aiming for safe market appeal and a solid revenue. Bioshock focuses on immersion. A story that will have you caring what happens. Innovation in gameplay that forces you to think about how to defeat situations. Also, the intangible, the thing that games all aspire to create, but seldom do to this level of perfection; atmosphere.

Get this game. Period.

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The Ultimate Experience

posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Sep 28, 2007

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Member since Jul 2007

218 out of 238 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Wow. Words do not justice to how amazing this game is. Your plane crashes in the middle of the ocean and, amazingly, you end up at the entrance to Andrew Ryan's utopia under the sea, Rapture. How you crashed here, how to get out of here, and what the heck happened at Rapture are all major things that one must contend with in the game and the storyline is really quite intelligent and deep.

In the game, Ryan discovered the magic of genetic modifications, which primarily consist of the plasmids, which allow you to throw insect swarms, lightning bolts, fire, ice, etc at your foes. You get traditional weaponry in the game as well, but the plasmids are key in really getting into the meat of the title.

The most widely viewed part of the game are the Big Daddies, which come in the varieties of Rosie (who lobs grenades at you and shoots at you relentlessly) and the Bouncer (who will bull rush you and beat the ever-living snot out of you). These are some of the best enemies designed for a game in a year. They --- and this is actually pretty good design --- will only bother you if you attack them or scare the Little Sisters, who are the Gatherers of Eve and, in a new trend in gaming, are little girls no older than 8 years old or so. After defeating a Daddy, you are given the moral choice of saving the Sister, or killing them to gain all of the Adam they gained to provide you more power and more abilities.

Rapture is a marvel to look at. It is extremely retro and the visuals are amongst the best I've ever seen. Games have a ridiculous tendency to use water effects when not needed --- but this game uses them perfectly. I mean, you are underwater and all. The city was thought of in detail and everything just makes sense.

This game is a work of art. It mixes everything perfectly and the lack of multiplayer is hardly a knock on it. It warrants a purchase by all.

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Bioshock: One of The Best of Next-Gen!!!

posted by Rapture (EDINBURGH, IN) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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With top-notch sound, graphics, gameplay, and voice acting, "Bioshock" is a superbly crafted first-person shooter strewn with elements of a role-playing game. The storyline of "Bioshock" follows a young man airborne over the Atlantic Ocean. When the plane crashes, his only hope for survival is a lighthouse. The story then plunges you deep down to the bottom of the ocean to a city called Rapture, a living, breathing, underwater utopia built in the late 1940s by a man named Andrew Ryan. What the player soon discovers upon entering Rapture is that whatever Ryan originally set out to do had failed. The city is now infested with a plague of violently insane human beings relentlessly determined to put you down. This is where the combat comes into play. You will have a choice between seven conventional weapons. You will also have the ability to use plasmids(biological modifiers which grant you extraordinary powers). The only real flaw with "Bioshock" is the hacking. Although hacking something such as a vending machine will permit a lower cost and better availability of items, the hacking process itself begins to get tiring and rather frustrating after a while. Nevertheless, "Bioshock" is a truly enjoyable experience, which not only pits the player against numerous challenges and dilemmas, but also influences the player to uncover the secrets behind Rapture's demise. It is a brilliant mix of story and combat set in an immersive environment where you can be the hero you want to be. "Bioshock" is one of the most creative and original first-person shooters of the decade!

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