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One of the Best Games of All-Time

posted by WiiRAwsome (HOMER, AK) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

Bioshock Infinite; one of the most beautiful and amazing games I've ever played. With a intriguing storyline that makes you want to keep playing and truly infinite playability, I rated this game 10/10. The main story itself is enough to make you want to buy this game imediatly, let alone all of the DLCs. I highly recommend buying this game and all of the DLCs, as it is one of my favourite games of all time. It the most beautiful example of the Unreal Engine, and all-in-all, this is a game that you should have bought when it first came out. If you ever have any money laying around the house, you need to buy this game. I hope this review helps, but you shouldn't need this review to help you figure out that this is the best game of all time. I'm WiiRAwsome, we're done here.

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Won't see another game like this for awhile.

posted by getswag Apr 12, 2014

Wow. That's pretty much the short way of saying how amazing this game is. To start off your Booker Dewitt and you are sent to a flying city in the sky known as Columbia and you must rescue and escort a girl back to New York to erase a debt. The combat of the game was very fluid and interesting with the addition of executions. Vigors were also a great additive to the game as they were also helpful when in tricky situations. It was pretty cool seeing the political satire in the game as well. You can tell that the developers put A LOT of effort into making this a great game. Albeit the ending was a bit confusing but once you look it up you'll understand it. I'd spoil it but I'm not that kind of person ;).

However it was a little depressing that there was no definitive multiplayer but it still doesn't change my rating for this game. Maybe the DLC will make up for it. Anyways I digress if you have a couple bucks pick this game up. If not DEFINITELY rent it.

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great, but dissapoiting

posted by ajrgamefly (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 11, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I have long played and loved the Bioshock series, and when i got this game and heard its praise, i expected an amazing game, i was sadly mistaken. For itself, its a good game, but considering it slapped the bioshock name on its cover, truly disappointed me. you could take away the bioshock off the name and it would still be the same game, you wouldnt think it ripped off bioshock, and with how much it did well as a game alone, it did horrible as a bioshock game

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