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Very Good

Amazing Story and Great Characters

posted by chajaja0714 (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Dec 19, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I never really got into Bioshock originally, but after hearing all the good things people had to say about the game I was really interested to play this newest installment. Right off the bat I was intrigued. The man and woman in the boat were so funny. That was how I knew this game would feature some great storytelling.

The start up is rather quick since you're quite literally thrust into this new and unfamiliar world of Columbia. You learn a lot really quickly, and it doesn't ever feel like forced exposition. All of the people who live in Columbia have personalities, all of the locations have stories, and everything is just so intriguing.

Although I'd like to say this game is perfect, it's not without it's awkwardness at times. At some moments in the game, the animation and models are perfect, but some of the models and animations just make me cringe. I don't remember what it's called, but it's kind of like a power hook thing for the Skyline. When you first see it, you expect it to be sharp, but it's very thick and clunky looking.

Anyways, the game is probably the best game I've played in a long time. The twist ending was pretty great and it kind of ties into the original twist ending. Great acting, great writing, great music, great game.

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GF Rating


One of my favourites

posted by Dyeosta (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Oct 12, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

Great story and game play. I never got to play any bioshock game before this but wow... The story blew me away. Keeps throwing new guns and abilities at you which helps keep it fresh. I recommend to anyone looking for a in depth story or just a fun time.

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GF Rating


One of my new favorites

posted by TBoneGamer (TRENTON, NJ) Oct 8, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

This was the first bioshock game I played, and it blew me away. The visuals were colorful and a breath of fresh air with its cell shaded style. The story was rich and captivating as well. The gameplay mechanics are great as well. The weapons however, are a different aspect. There are plenty of weapons, but a lot of them are pretty interchangeable. Personally, I used the revolver and shotgun throughout the entire game. The powers are fun, but it's the same issue with the guns. They pretty much have the same effect. However this game is deffinintly worth playing!

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