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GF Rating


Weirdly Fantastic

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Jul 2006

I have to say this game isone of the oddest yet addicting games that i have played in a long long time. I played it 3 hours as soon as i got it. It's got some pretty weird stuff in it, but that's that makes it awesome.
Taking a rocket to a city in the clouds....... really cool. The gameplay is pretty decent, i wish it would have been 3rd person, but still not back for a FPS. I saw a few glitches, but that was quicky overlooked with the ability to cut people's heads off and rip there stomach open. I love the gore and yet simple innosence of life back in 1912. It's a wonderful mix of ol time atmosphere with gore and blood that will keep me smiling as long as i have this game.
If you want a game out of he norm...... this is your game. Definetly worth a rent for sure.

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GF Rating


Great game with an engaging story.

posted by jinsing129 (FISK, MO) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

Bioshock Infinite pulls no punches while crafting a deep and intricated battle system, laced with nuances that are easy to pick up, but difficult to master.
This game features a robust weapon and power upgrade mechanic, that allows you to customize your version of Booker Dewitt as you see fit.
The visuals are top-notch, and i found my self wandering about taking in the scenery.
The story can be a bit confusing, but if you stick with it to the end, it pays off in a big way.
I would recommend this game for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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GF Rating


Constants and Variables

posted by TheMartyr (BONNERS FERRY, ID) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

Bioshock: Infinite rips you straight from Rapture and shoots you right in the sky.

Having played the previous two Bioshock games I was skeptical on just how good this game could be. I mean, seriously, first Rapture now a city in the sky? All of my doubts were silenced.

The graphics are simply THE best of all the Bioshock games, hands down. That being said as far as the design on actual people, at times, there is a lot to be desired. The level design is astonishing, I remember my breath being taken away whilst in the first area of Columbia. The voice acting is stupendous.This game really took new, innovative combat and ran with it. There is a true variety of weapons and upgrades to said weapons are a great addition. The flawless integration of Elizabeth in combat is utterly brilliant. Elizabeth becomes so useful you begin to miss her when she's not around. The only area of disappointment of combat were the vigors. In previous Bioshock titles, it felt must more satisfactory to use them. (Yes I'm fully aware they are plasmids in the first 2 games.) What happened to the variety and originals of the first games? The vigors are available are useful but some are lacking. Majorly.

I quite enjoyed the game play. The buying, looting, upgrading were satisfying to me. Something about working so hard to garner money then using it to make my gun more powerful, well, it was quintessentially satisfying.

However, the real winner is the story. Compelling, uplifting, heart-breaking, anger inducing, thrilling, and chilling... Infinite's story can be all that; at once. Just like in the game's skylines there are many twists and turns.

In many ways, Bioshock: Infinite is a departure from previous titles. But in many ways, it is the same. Constants and variables. Bioshock fans will NOT be disappointed. Within the game there were many homage's to Rapture, even returning to it briefly.

I can say with all confidence that Infinite is game of the year materi

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