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Great Rent / MAYBE buy...

posted by gopreds303 (ANTIOCH, TN) Jun 18, 2012

Member since May 2012

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I'd first like to say, this game is far from perfect and definitely a game that non-bioshock players may find frustrating. please read this whole review... Because this is an excellent game, but you as a player need to learn the control schemes, the importance of setting up traps, and some good cash flow and adam management. To someone who's never played any of the bioshock games, this is an 'older 50's sytle SCI FI shooter'. Your task and situation is a bit different than the first, rather than a lone wolf, in the first, you're a famed or rather INFAMOUS 'big daddy' as pictured on the front of the cover. That means that everyone is gunning for you, as they know you normally carry copious amounts of ADAM. Personally for me, this game-style is really addictive. This game utilizes the 'save anywhere, anytime, any reason function' ... USE THIS OFTEN ... doing so will net you 25G for not using a 'vita chamber' i.e. checkpoint; so DON'T DIE and continue, load a past checkpoint. Personally I saved before every 'triggered encounter' ... protecting little sister, big daddy fight, big sister fight, or otherwise 'tough' part. As a shooter it's ok, as a sci-fi action game, its great, as a strategy game, it's fun. 2k has done an excellent job getting you into the 'mood' of the game. Overall though this is a spectacular game, with graphics that are good, the challenge is good and fair. I will say that the ending (at least for me) wasn't super climactic. I hope this helps you decide to put this in your Q because this STILL plays great to this day.

Oh side technical note, if you have some HDD space, install this game to your HDD to get some faster load times... it REALLY helps. There aren't a LOT of load screens, but if you're saving as much as I did... it's worth it.

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Return to Rapture

posted by Carbine (COLTON, CA) Feb 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2007

78 out of 97 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Absolutly amazing is the only way to describe the Bioshock franchise. Although number 2 does lack a lot of the mystique brought on by the first game as we already know Rapture well by now, It does however improve upon nearly all of the core concepts.
Now you have the ability to wield both plasmids and weapons at the same time and you will need it as the fighting is more intense this time around. New splicers, big sisters (they make big daddies look like a joke), and better AI add to the fun of combat. Speaking of combat the upgrade system to both the weapons and plasmids has been modified this time around to really get you into the upgrade process. No longer do these things just increase in damage but rather increase in form all around. The swarm plasmid for example which was near useless in the first game can now attack at level one as normal, at level 2 they will form two groups of bees, and at level 3 they will infest corpses and attack any who draw near creating major crowd control chaos that can last for the duration of any fight if done right. New plasmids, weapons, and tonics have been added as well with the scout plasmid (your spirit leaves your body and can travel unharmed and unnoticed while using plasmids still) and harpoon gun being noted favorites. The way you interact with the little sisters has been changed slightly too. You can either harvest or adopt the little sisters now which the later will result in watching them harvest Adam while you defend them. These defense situations were some of the funnest sequences in the game which I'm more then happy about as I figured it would be one of the weaker points.
The graphics are still great, the music is awesome, and the immersion is still fantastic late at night with the sound turned way up. Definatly worth a rent to anyone who owns a 360.

Multiplayer - Wayyyyyy better then you would have ever expected it to be. plays like single player with a level system like CoD, its own story, and great game modes.

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Bioshock 2

posted by SexyGamer (STOCKBRIDGE, GA) Apr 2, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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As many people know the greatness that is known as Bioshock 1 comes the sequel Bioshock 2. In this sequel you play as the firstly made big daddy and as a prototype you are able to use Plasmids, let alone the powerful big daddy drill, and Rivet gun, and tons of other unique weapons including a Hacking gun, and the ever so popular shot gun.

I loved the visual effects in Bioshock 1, and the scenary in the ocean as you stared around at other parts of rapture. In Bioshock 2 the game lets you have the full fill in for a Big Daddy as the Graphics are greatly improved, and it even gives you a chance to walk around the peaceful environments of the sea, though you don't get a very long feel to it, but hey something you can enjoy for the time being.

I am sure most people have wondered what exactly a Big daddy is, and well why are they so upsessed with protecting the "Little Sister", well this game puts you in all of it, it explains alot of why the big daddy is the way he is, and even gives you a chance to adopt a little sister.

The story behind this game is unique, I have grown very fond of it, and think anyone could love it. Even if they have not even touched the first game. All in all I find this game fun for all of our FPS fans, and recommend you guys to go out and pick this title up, and give it a try.

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