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A major Glitch ruined the game

posted by PhRoZyN311 (HOUSTON, TX) Feb 13, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

Ok, so I played this game up to the point where you have to kill Simon Wales to get into Pump Station #5. The problem is, I lured Simon Wales out of the Chapel, into the upstairs hallway, and I died. When I respawned, I respawned in the chapel, and he was still in the hallway. Well the doors to the chapel locked up and I couldn't reach him, thus not letting me through Pump Station #5 and ultimately stuck in the chapel with no where to go. I hadn't saved the game for like 2-3 hours, and that is where I packed the game up and put it right in the mail. A game this flawed shouldn't see the light of day.

And to be honest, it wasn't much fun up to the point where it glitched. It's a very impersonal game. You never real interact with anyone. All you do is listen to stupid audio logs. Its nothing compared to a game like Mass Effect 2 or Uncharted 2. Screw this game. Don't waste your time.

Because of the Hype of the game and total let down. I give this disgrace a 4.

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Good Shooter RPG

posted by kdubbz420 (UNION, MO) Feb 11, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

For someone who didn't play Bioshock this game is pretty cool. i should have played Bioshock. in my opinion its not the best game in the world but it is fun and somewhat addicting. once you get about halfway through it gets a lil mind dulling. the storyline is alright, i was more into freezing ppl and smashing them to bits than actually following all the tape records. as for gameplay its a lot of fun, it can be a pain sometimes but a casual gamer can handle it. its not confusing at all it tells you where you need to go, but with that in mind it also lacks a free-roam feel. you HAVE to follow the story line theres no other objective. like i said good game but not great. i give it a 8.5. the hype probably didnt help it much.

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Rapture has Raptured

posted by bandaddict (HOLLY SPRINGS, NC) Feb 11, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

This game is everything that Bioshock 1 was and more. The story is even more compelling, the gameplay bugs have been worked out, and the gore is even more gory than the first(As if it could get any Gorrier).As well as the multiplayer, this obviously is not the driving force of the game , but it is fun to drop in a match and rip some splicer bodies in half. But by fare the best feature is being able to play as the big daddy, but still having that sense of controlling your morality, that in the first game was decided by killing little sisters. This game is perfect for any gamer, even if this type of game isnt your thing, you will still appreciate the story based gameplay. PS this game is NOT FOR KIDS!!!!!! anyone under the age of 13 really should shy away from this game.

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