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Bioshock 2, Changing the Way we View the Bad Guys

posted by Jay22yaj (HUGO, MN) Mar 11, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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Bioshock 2 takes place in Rapture 10 years after the death of the protagonist from Bioshock 2. Though this time the story has been changed drastically. You are no longer a human, but a Big Daddy on a quest to reunite with his lost little sister. The obstacles you are forced to hurtle truly test the bonds between a little sister and her "daddy".

After playing Bioshock 1, I was extremely excited to play the sequel. Upon completing the game, it was clear that I had not been let down. With a Big Daddy as the main character, a lot has changed from Bioshock 1. For instance, the wrench is a weapon of the past. Who needs it anyway when you are equipped with a drill that can rip apart an enemy from the inside? Also, new weapons and enemies have been introduced. With the strength of a Big Daddy, normal splicers are now less of an opponent and more of a hassle. I found the only time they were a threat were when they were in a large group. One of my favorite additions, was a new enemy called the Big Sister. This ruthless enemy travels rapture attempting to maintain the balance of Rapture. These enemies are tougher than Big Daddies, and emit a shrill screech whenever they draw near. I don't know about you, but I quickly feared that piercing noise.

Although the game was relatively short in length, it redeemed itself with the new features of gameplay. It seemed that all of the worst parts of the first were fixed or modified in the second. For example, you no longer have to switch between plasmids and your main weapon. Both attacks are at your disposal, which allowed me to integrate different combos in my combat. The voice acting was incredible too. Not only were the characters interesting, but I found myself caring about most of them. With the situations you are put in, tough choices are to be made. Will you spare the life of an innocent, or kill for selfish reasons?

In my opinion Bioshock exeeded my expectations, and I highly recommend playing it.

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Not What I expected, in the best way possible

posted by captainkyka (CAPE CORAL, FL) Mar 1, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I absolutely loved the first game. I admit that when I saw they were making a Bioshock 2 I was disappointed. I felt like they were just trying to milk the first game for all it was worth.
I could not have been more wrong. This game completely stands alone from the first. The base game play is the same and this game is obviously set in the Bioshock world but that is where the similarities end. The story line is completely different than the first. Playing as a big daddy is not nearly as cheesy as I thought it would be either. You also have new weapons, plasmids, and enemies. Every one of which is thrilling. I enjoyed rediscovering Rapture. There were many new areas to explore. There are even more moral decisions to make and all of the characters interact with you in different ways as well. A big daddy will not attack unless you attack first, for example.
Just as the first, the game is gorgeous. The visuals, the sounds and voice acting were spot on. The controls were actually improved. Though, I do wish they would give us a sprint button.
All in all, this immersive and impressive experience is one you owe yourself. You will not be disappointed.

(I did not play the multiplayer so I can not judge that. This review is on the single player game only)

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Very Good

Back to Rapture

posted by stinger67 (OWATONNA, MN) Apr 11, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

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I was like most people when i got this game i was thinking could this game be as good as the first or will it ruin my memories of the first time in rapture. I must say they did a pretty good job on this one, if you played the first one yea your back but it looks different like its been years later it shows with it being run down looking leaks everywhere,believeable.. the graphics are still top notch, controls are smooth and the story was a good one also, the new charaters keep it going, all in all a real good sequel to a fantastic first game. If you played the first or if you didnt you gotta rent this game you wont be dissapointed.. A far as the multiplayer goes i play multiplayer a lot (mw2, cod waw,bf) but i couldnt get into the multiplayer on this one, i think some games shouldnt have multiplayer because of the original 1player story is so good it seems a shame to add it, just my opinoin.Feels like they were just doing what everybody else was doing with multiplayer nowadays, the campagian could have stood on its own and still sell a bunch... RENT...

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