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Unforgettable Experience

posted by IronMan84 (VOLCANO, HI) Apr 1, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Now that BioShock: Infinite is out, I thought it was only fair that I give this game a proper review before picking up the newest BioShock edition.

Though I played this game over a year ago, it is such a great game that the experience is unforgettable. I played through on normal and then on hard, which is a must for this game. If you're patient, smart, and creative you'll have a great time. If you're looking for a game you can blast through in a few hours without thought, plan, or preparation, don't even waste your time.

The best and favorite parts for me are as follows:

The sound (of enemies, weapons, and environments). The voices of the different enemies are done really well. Things like hearing the spider splicers crawl across the ceiling, Big Sister's piercing scream as she's about to attack, the satisfying feel and sound of the weapons as you fire them; the list goes on. Bottom line: great sound.

There are many different weapons and plasmids. The variety of combinations when attacking really encourages creativity. My favorite aspect of combat is traps. Being able to lay a nice trap for an enemy is a rare thing in gaming. You will be able to lay down the most intricate traps for enemies here. The cyclone plasmid is the most enjoyable as you attain more ways to use it. Lay down the cyclone trap and infuse it with fire, ice, insects, electricity, etc. Combine that with trap rivets, mines, and the fact that you'll be there filling enemies with exploding spears and shotgun rounds; the possibilities are endless, and so gratifying. Also, switching between different plasmids and weapons is seamless and smooth.

Think ahead, use your environment, be creative, and most importantly take your time. The atmosphere is spectacular. Take in the surrounding beauty of this underwater dystopia and explore every nook and cranny. It will make the game easier and more enjoyable. Do that, and this'll be one of the most awesome games you'll ever play.

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Beauty and a Bioshock! Perfection in a game!

posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Well most of this review will be similar to the first game but that is not saying this game is just a slightly changed copy of the first...ohh no not at all.

So you do return to Rapture but this time you are a huge Big Daddy and you get to see how it is like behind the eyes of what we thought were "bad guys". I wasn't sure how they would proceed after Andrew Ryan died but they managed to excell at coming up with another antagonist in Sofia Lamb. They have kept made this story great and kept the ability to have your decisions effect the outcome on the game. The controls are still as easy as before and the plasmids with weapons combo still works great. Somehow this game with it digging deeper into the dark depths of Rapture's tortured history makes the first Bioshock even better. Now how many games have achieved that?

Last I am going to touch on the multiplayer in this game. I pretty much require a game to have multiplayer no matter what to receive a 10 from me. Not only did they put out a multiplayer but they made it so fun that I was willing to play it for 10 hours straight. The multiplayer is not largely talked about with this game but it really should be because it is just as much a success as the story mode is for this game. The ability to customize a loadout and play the way you want just makes the multiplayer as fun as playing through Saints Row 3.

Overall I give this game a perfect 10/10! This game is what should be expected for a $60 price tag! If you call yourself a true gamer and have not even played this yet then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!

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probably one of the best games ever

posted by jack55468 (DIAMONDHEAD, MS) Oct 15, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

Iv been playing games since i was three years old iv played cod halo gears and almost every xbox shooter adventrure that goes for the ps2 as well and this game is right up there with other games

half the time your jumping with a thought in your mind that somethings going to hop out and kill you and half tthe time you get attacked half the time its really scary and ill tell you everything about it
well in the first one your a guy who crashed down in the atlantic and find the elevator down to rapture.and then fight your way through and find someone vary close to you but im not telling you!But the biggest problem you have are the big daddies giant man in old scooba outfits but in bioshock two ... youre a big daddie!
your a big daddie who ten years ago had his little sister taken from you and then was forced to kill yourself.
but now youve bin brought back somehow but u dont find out till the end
Your first thing to find out is to find your little sister now 17 i think they never tell you though but im running out of characters so lets get to your stuff

theres the drill wich you see on the front cover
next is the rivet gun wich has heavy rivets trap rivets and regualar rivets
then theres the 50 cal. which is pretty much like a minigun and it has regular rounds anti personal rounds and armor peircing rounds
then thers the know what find out the rest for yourself

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